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Lindy Hop/Swing ClassesRegister NowThe July-August session is open for registration in Boston! There are classes for all levels, no partner required as classes will rotate. Free parking available as well as near public transportation. Singles and couples welcome. Newton classes will resume in the fall.

  • Lindy Hop/Beginner Swing Level 1: Boston
  • Lindy Hop, Movement & Technique Intensive: Boston

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Uptown Swing DanceBuy Tickets NowThe next Uptown Swing Dance is Saturday, May 20 which is a special Frankie Manning Celebration. May is Frankie Month and Lindy Hoppers worldwide will be celebrating this very special man. There isn’t a better example than Frankie Manning to remind us of the joy and fun we have dancing! If you don’t know much about him, be sure to check out his bio. Of course the night would not be complete without a Shim Sham, Frankie style!

Proceeds from this dance will be contributed to the Beantown Scholarship Program.

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Skye Workshops

Mark your calender for the return of Skye Humphries, Naomi Uyama and Gordon Webster the weekend of November 24-26, 2017. Always a yearly highlight, of course we have to do it again!

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Beantown CampBeantown Camp 2017 will be held from June 22–29. Beantown’s 21st year in total and back at the beautiful Endicott College for #13. Do the Whole Shebang to get the full experience, with each day bringing something special!

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Hop to the Beat

Uptown Swing Dance

It’s time already to start thinking about the next session of classes. The new schedule and registration for both our Boston and Newton locations are now up! We’ve got a nice mix of classes for all levels. Level 1 will have a focus on musicality and topics will include mixing 6 and 8 counts. For more experienced dancers, on Sundays we have a new class offering a mixed bag of moves, reflecting the wide variety of possibilities in Lindy Hop. Continuing on Mondays will be part 2 of the routine class. In this session, the focus will be on formation, teamwork and getting performance-ready.

Monday Classes: February 27 to April 3
Ruggles Baptist Church
874 Beacon Street, Boston (near Fenway Park)

Sunday Classes: March 5 to April 9
545 Grove Street, Newton Lower Falls

Class sessions are 6 weeks. No partner needed (except for the routine class) as classes will rotate. Couples and singles are welcome.

  • Lindy Hop Level 1/Beginner Swing (Boston & Newton)
    Featured Topics for this session: musicality, mixing 6s & 8s
    This class gets a mix of brand new dancers as well as continuing students. There are several different sessions at this level, each with new content, which can be taken in any order. Students are recommended to stay at this level long enough both to cover many of the important elements of Lindy Hop as well as to feel very comfortable with what’s taught before moving to the next level. The aim is to work on developing a solid foundation of dance skills while building a repertoire of moves for social dancing. Discount after 2 full sessions. No experience required.
  • Lindy Hop Variety Pack (Newton)
    Something very fun about Lindy Hop is the wide and unlimited opportunity for variations in your dancing. This session will feature a mixed bag of moves with an emphasis on partner connection to create them. Included will be rebounds in swing outs, a horse and cart into a medley of moves, and a classic Charleston with a twisty ending. Previous Lindy Hop experience is required, including knowledge of 8 count basics. (For intermediate and up.)
  • Lindy Hop/Jazz Routine, Part 2 (Boston)
    We’ve learned the routine and are moving to the next stage. The focus will be on performance, teamwork, formation and details, lots of details! This session requires attending with a partner. There will be opportunities to perform after the session is completed and that is what we’ll be aiming for. Performing requires practicing! Be prepared to practice as needed on your own time and in group rehearsals. It will take some commitment, and be challenging, but mostly it will be FUN!

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Soul Competition

Join us for the next Uptown Swing dance, featuring a special Swing & Soul event. Racky Thomas will be back to help you get your groove on. Guest DJ Sarah Elise is on board to handle the band breaks. Samuel Coleman will be teaching a special Soul dance class. Here’s your chance to let loose with some really fun music that makes you want to dance!

On Saturday, February 18, Uptown Swing will be hosting a special Swing & Soul Dance at KI in Brookline. The dance will feature the fabulous Racky Thomas Band and guest DJ Sarah Elise, bringing a great mix of fun get-up-and-dance music.

The evening will be starting off with a special lesson with guest instructor Samuel Coleman, joining us from NYC! Stay tuned for details on the lesson. It will be open to all and included with admission.

Grab a partner and participate in the Soul Competition! No advanced registration and no added fee to enter. This will be a fun competition open to anyone who would like to participate. There will be prizes!

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Beantown 2016 Photo Booth

Beantown 2017 is scheduled from June 22-29. We have an excellent lineup of world class instructors, some very exciting plans for 5 nights of live music, plus many extras and fun activities throughout the week.

Do the Whole Shebang or Week option to get the full load of track classes, mini-tracks, as well as optional and specialty classes. Each day brings its own special features. You won’t want to miss them!

Registration is going live on Tuesday, February 7! Here are some things to look out for:

  • 4 Tiers Early Registration First Timer Discounts 
  • 4 Tiers Early Registration Discounts
  • International Discounts
  • On-Campus Housing Options

Photos from Skye Humphries and Sylvia Sykes’ workshops held on Friday, November 25 to Sunday, November 27, 2016.

Also available on Facebook.

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Skye Humphries and Sylvia Sykes performing at Uptown Swing Dance on Saturday, November 26, 2016.

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Skye Humphries and Naomi Uyama performing at Uptown Swing Dance with the Gordon Webster Band on Saturday, November 28, 2015.

Jam with Campus Five

Hope you’ve been having a fantastic summer! We’ve been having good weather here in the Boston area, getting us out to enjoy the great outdoors. Time has flown since camp ended, although there’s been a lot of “Beantown” still going on at our house, wrapping things up for 2016.

Planning starts early each year, and with it being our 20th, we wanted it to be extra special. Somehow, no matter how last minute things ended up, our plans all came together. However, that is only part of the story. The atmosphere at camp was so fantastic from the very start to the very finish. The happy faces, the heartfelt moments and the sheer joy was what it all comes down to.

Camp Social

Our vision for Beantown from the beginning, which we still feel today, is for a week of complete immersion in dance, learning, challenge, inspiration, positivity, camaraderie and a whole lot of fun. Being on the Endicott campus has enabled us to do so much, with the fantastic facilities, the beautiful beaches, and the perfect setting. There’s the convenience of living on campus, sharing meals, creating our own little community. The weekend can be super busy, but then there is the rest of the week, allowing a chance for other activities, more time for classes, social dancing and hanging with fellow Beantowners. It adds so much to the whole experience.

Soul Party

When we started, we didn’t think about the future and how long we’d be going. It is amazing that it has been 20 years! Over time there have been a lot of changes, and each year we take a fresh look to make plans for the next one. As for 2016, Beantown was pretty much everything we had hoped it would be. We loved the amazing spirit on campus, we loved seeing so much participation, and we loved all the smiles. Beantown would never be what it is without the help and contributions of so many people, some behind-the-scenes and some front and center.

First there is our long time team of friends who help with setting up camp and preparing for opening day, as well as handling duties during the week. They are the go-to people in time of need and we don’t know how we could do Beantown without them. Rachelle Gaudet, Suzanne Gaudet, Joe Toth, Martin Frechette, Meredith Patneaude, Denyce Zabrecky, Benson Wong, Betty Stone and Margaret Marks, thanks for always being willing to help us with the craziness.

Norma Miller

Next up we would like to thank Beantown’s very special guest, the legendary Queen of Swing, Norma Miller! This year she was everywhere. She sang with the bands, she danced with Nathan’s tap group, she entertained us with her stories.


Classes are a major component of Beantown and therefore require an excellent cast of instructors. However, the role of instructors is much greater than teaching. Beantown is a week full of activities and the teachers are involved in so many of them. We are a team, all working together to create the best experience possible. That requires not only talented dancers and teachers, but just as important, fantastic people.

Many of our instructors have been with us a long time, and we could easily single out each one, however, we want to mention a few who have been a big part of all that Beantown has become.

Peter Strom is so much Beantown. Over the years he’s given us many laughs, wonderful presentations, Beantown Bounce finales, as well as hosting the late night Soul Party. There is something special about those Beantown Soul Parties, bringing everyone together, letting loose and just having fun!

Bobby White always brings something great with his “bar talks” and presentations. One of the best ever was this year’s presentation with Norma. We especially enjoyed the clip of Norma that she got so excited about. Maybe something she’s never seen before.

Beantown Bounce with Michael, Nathan and Evita

Evita Arce has been doing the majority of organizing Beantown Bounce the last few years and it is always a highlight of the week. This year’s overflowed with talent, one fantastic number after another. Thank you so much to everyone who performed and gave us such a spectacular show. The creativity and how everything gets pulled together in so little time never ceases to amaze.

Jon Tigert has kind of grown up during his years at Beantown and he even shares his birthday with us. We call him the “entertainment director” because pretty much everything Jon does is entertaining. We appreciate all of it, most especially his constant smile, exuberant attitude and willingness to jump into anything we ask him to.

Gordon Webster and Friends

Another big component of Beantown is the social dancing and for that you need fantastic music. We certainly had that, starting off the weekend with Taryn Newborne and The Real Deal, making their Beantown debut. It’s always a treat to have Jonathan Stout & his Campus Five, and this year was extra wonderful with Hilary Alexander back with the band. As for many years, the perfect way to finish off the week with Gordon Webster & Friends. With a line-up like this to count on, you know you can’t go wrong!

The DJ crew rounded out the music and did an excellent job. Special thanks to Allen Kerr. As Head DJ at Beantown, there are a lot of extra activities he was involved with that are not usually part of the job. No matter what we asked, Allen has always delivered and is a pleasure to have on the team.

MC Edgar Herwick

Emcees are key to an event as they often set the tone and create atmosphere. Besides Jon, Edgar Herwick is often on the mic, adding so much to everything he does. Besides his easygoing style, what we appreciate so much about Edgar is how he takes what you ask him and always pulls it off in just the right way. Thanks also to Jasmin Hains for handling the meal time announcements. Jasmin may worry that his English isn’t perfect, but what he doesn’t realize is that announcements are more enjoyable with a lovely French accent!

We’ve worked with Judy Pritchett with the Frankie Manning Foundation Ambassador program, but this year was the first time she actually attended Beantown. It was a big pleasure having Judy on campus all week, plus she gave two presentations, one on Frankie Manning and one on the Big Apple. Both were wonderful and included things even long timers like us haven’t seen before.

Beantown's Got Talent

There’s a lot going on with a week of Beantown and all the planning in the world is not enough without a fantastic team to make it happen.

Michael Strickland came early to set up all the sound systems and handle the bands for the first half of the week. We have a lot of rooms, so that means a lot to set up. Maduka Chidebelu-Eze handled the 2nd half of the week, with special activities to set up along with the live music and breaking down all the equipment.

Jason Volk was our lead support this year, doing some of many things, including helping Michael and Maduka, some staff pick-ups, setting up for different activities and breaking camp. One of those jobs that requires being ready whenever something is needed.

Davis Thurber is our head videographer, with help from Chris Hugo. This year Davis was especially quick with getting videos out. As an example, the Wednesday late afternoon class performances were up on YouTube before dinner! Because of the great job he did while at camp, we were able to get the class review online downloads and DVDs done in record time this year.

Advanced Jack and Jill Finals with Campus Five

Jenna Applegarth is in charge of both the competitions and the auditions/track placements. Despite that they are both happening during the same time period, she handles everything with calm and control. Jenna’s job is extra challenging at Beantown due to the different options for attending, adding multi layers into the track placement process. Thanks also to the judges and everyone on Jenna’s crew for making these challenging activities run so smoothly.

Steve Berman and Charlie Wieprecht were our main drivers this year. This is a job that most people at camp wouldn’t notice, although to us, it is an amazing help to have the right people handling it. We have a lot of staff to get to and from the campus. The job may start out straightforward, but then there are shifted travel plans, delayed or cancelled flights and unexpected last minute additions. Enough to drive a person crazy! These guys couldn’t have been more patient and gracious. Thanks also to everyone else who filled in where we needed help.

Tom Hagar and Robert Hatcher handled photography for this year and it’s been great seeing the photos rolling out on Facebook since Beantown. They did a great job of capturing all the fun we had! Thanks also to Byron Hon. He should just be on the crew as he must devote just as much time to all the wonderful photos he takes.

Photo Booth

Our good friend Don Fish once again did a fantastic job with the graphics for the t-shirts and hoodies, photo booth banner, buttons and wherever else we used his images. We give him vague requests and he puts them together far better than we ever could imagine. Thanks also to Steve Carmel for making the giant 20 for the photo booth, far surpassing what we envisioned. As hoped, Beantown Campers made good use of them in the photos.

There are so many others who helped out during the week and we truly appreciate each one of you! Tara Weinstein hosting the open practices, Lori Michelle doing the stretch classes, Taryn Newborne and the rest of the check-in crew, the Beantown Café crew, Martin’s roadie/water crew, and everyone else who played a part in making our week happen.

One other important thank you we want to be sure to include is to Sarah Sullivan and Nicole Zuckerman for doing their very important presentation on the “Culture of Consent”. This was an excellent program that included information, discussion and exercises. We hope that in the future we can have something like this again as we need to be aware in our community of what exists, how to handle situations and how best to create an environment that allows everyone to feel safe, supported and welcomed.

Camp BBQ

As to our Beantown campers from near and far, you truly are the best! We feel so grateful to have this opportunity to bring together so many from all over the U.S. and beyond to share in the world of Lindy Hop that we love so much. It was fantastic to reconnect with friends we’ve not seen for awhile as well as to welcome all the first-timers. Thank you to all those who recommended Beantown to friends and students and to all the group organizers. So much of what makes Beantown so special and unique has to do with the energy, spirit, friendliness and joy that comes from all those who attend. It can be daunting each year to get to opening day, however, it is seeing everyone put so much of themselves into the week which makes it so worthwhile. This is what we hope for and thank you all so much for making it happen!

See you at Beantown 2017, June 22-29!

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Uptown Swing Dance performance on Saturday, May 21, 2016 by the Hop to the Beat Routine Class.

Providence SwingsHead on down this Saturday to Providence Swings’ Pre-Dirty Dozen, Dozen Year Birthday Bash! Now how can you miss that!

Providence Swings hosts very fun and friendly dances and this is sure to be a good one! Check out this great team of DJs: Daryl Begin from Providence, Dang Mai from Boston and Wil Reed from Connecticut.

A beginner lesson is included starting at 7:00pm.

Full information on Providence Swings

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