Lindy Hop/Swing Classes: January-February 2020 Session

Lindy Hop/Swing Classes
January–February 2020 Session
Sundays • Newton, MA January 5 to February 9, 2020 (6 Week Session)
Mondays • Boston, MA January 6 to February 10, 2020 (6 Week Session)
5:00–6:00pm Lindy Hop Level 1

Featured topic for this session: Charleston!

Lindy Hop was heavily influenced by Charleston, a huge dance craze which preceded it. Charleston continues today to be a very fun component of Lindy Hop and fits nicely as the tempos go up. We’ll be focusing on the technique and style of “classic” Lindy Hop Charleston, characteristic of the original Lindy Hoppers. A variety of different partner variations will be included. Appropriate for those brand new to Charleston as well as more experienced dancers who would like to refine and review.

6:00–6:30pm Stay after class for practice!
6:30–7:30pm Lindy Hop Level 1

Featured topic for this session: Musicality!

Musicality is always an important feature of dancing. In this session we’ll focus on getting the feel of the rhythm, breaking down the structure of the songs we dance to, and connecting it to how you dance. Included will be ways to adjust your basics to fit the music, along with some fun steps to play with. Aimed at new and continuing students.

7:30–8:00pm Stay after class for practice!
8:00–9:00pm Lindy Hop Charleston, New Twists on Classics

Charleston is an exuberant and flashy component of Lindy Hop, going back to the early days. This class will include new variations and fancy transitions, while keeping the look and feel of the classics. If you’d like to spice up your Charleston, this is a class for you! For intermediate to advanced Lindy Hoppers experienced with basic Charleston variations.

9:00–9:30pm Stay after class for practice!
Lower Falls Community Center
545 Grove Street, Newton Lower Falls, MA 02462
Please bring a change of clean shoes, either sneakers or soft-soled flat dance shoes.
Ruggles Baptist Church (near Fenway Park)
874 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02215
Please bring a change of clean shoes.
Sunday, January 5, 2020 to Monday, February 10, 2020