Tony & Aurelie's Home

17 North Street, Hopkinton, MA 01748


We share a driveway with 15 North Street and are the house on the right. It is okay to park in the driveway. If you park on the straight part, there are some spaces to pull over along the left side. Please just be sure to leave passing room open for our neighbor. North Street is not ideal for parking as it is narrow. There are a few spots past our house where there is room to pull a car off the road, although it may depend on if enough of the snow is gone. An easy place to park is on Washington Lane. If you are coming from Fruit Street, go past our house on the left and it will be on the right a few houses down. Washington is flat and open and should be no problem to park plenty of cars. It even has sidewalks:-) If you are coming from the other side of North Street, go to the 2nd left. (There are 2 entrances to Washington Lane as it is essentially a large U-turn.)

Call if you have any questions: 508-435-2363