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Lindy Hop originated in the dance halls of Harlem in the late 1920s and evolved with the hot Jazz and jumpin’ Blues music. It’s an exuberant style of Swing, mixing uptempo Charleston with slow groovin’ and everything in between! Influenced by other dance styles and changes in popular music, Lindy Hop thrives today as an incredibly fun, creative partner dance mixing classic with new. Join in the fun and become part of the friendly Lindy Hop community! There are classes for all levels. Beginners are very welcome as well as singles and couples.

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The Errand Boy number from Beantown Bounce, the instructor show at Beantown Camp 2014, with Jon Tigert.

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In this clip, Jonathan Chen delivers a very emotional poem during the cabaret/talent show Beantown’s Got Talent which was part of Beantown Camp 2014.

Photos from Uptown Swing Dance on Saturday, July 19, 2014 with the Professor Cunningham and his Old School plus a demo by Mickey Fortanasce and Kelly Arsenault.

Solomon Douglas Quintet

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Uptown Swing DanceThis fall will mark 2 years since Uptown Swing moved to KI for our monthly dance. We feel very fortunate to have this beautiful space with one of the largest dance floors in New England, plus an excellent location near Coolidge Corner in Brookline. Starting in July, the rent is going up significantly, almost double the current rate. It would be a shame for the Boston community to lose this exceptional venue. Although this necessitates an increase in our dance admission, we will continue to keep our prices as low as feasible. The price will vary depending on the band, with out-of-town and larger bands at the higher end. With your support, we’ll be able to continue to provide many more fun nights at Uptown Swing!

Professor Cunningham and his Old SchoolThe next Uptown Swing dance will be on Saturday, July 19. This will be a special event featuring the fabulous Professor Cunningham and his Old School from NYC as well as a dance performance with Mickey Fortanasce & Kelly Arsenault, one of the most exciting and creative Balboa couples worldwide. Mickey & Kelly will be in town for Balboa workshops hosted by Boston Balboa.

Mickey & Kelly workshop information.

Uptown Swing is held at KI, our wonderful venue conveniently located on Harvard Street, just a few blocks from Coolidge Corner in Brookline. (Dance entrance on Williams Street.) There’s AC, a fabulous, huge wood floor, plus free street parking. Beginners are very welcome and there is a lesson included at the beginning of the evening. You do not need to have a partner to attend. The music will be excellent for Lindy Hop, Swing, and Balboa. Bring your friends and introduce them to a fun night!

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