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Lindy Hop & Swing Classes

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Lindy Hop & Swing Classes
July–August 2014 Session
Sundays • Newton, MA No Summer Session
Mondays • Boston, MA July 14 to August 18, 2014 (6 Week Session)
Newton classes will resume in September.
6:30–7:30pm Beginner Swing/
Intro to Lindy Hop Level 1a
The place to start for those brand new to Swing dancing! Also ideal if you have some experience and are working on developing a solid foundation of dance skills while building a repertoire of fun moves. 6 count basics plus an intro to 8 count will be covered along with a different selection of steps each session. The 7 different sessions at this level are designed to provide a good base for social dancing. Okay to start with any session. Students are recommended to stay at this level long enough to feel very comfortable with the material taught before moving to Level 2. Discount after 2 full sessions. No experience or partner required.
7:30–8:00pm Stay after class for practice!
8:00–9:00pm Lindy Hop Level 2d Focus is on the core moves of Lindy Hop, including a mix of 8 and 6 count basics. Emphasis is on technique, partner connection, musicality and building skills. Some previous Lindy Hop experience is helpful, although not required if you have other solid dance experience. Must competently social dance any style of triple-step Swing. The 8 different sessions at this level continually change over time and can be taken in any order. Each session has a mix of the classic (including Charleston) along with newer variations, all with a touch of style and flash! Discount after 2 full sessions. No partner required.
9:00–9:30pm Stay after class for practice!
Lower Falls Community Center
545 Grove Street, Newton Lower Falls, MA 02462
Please bring a change of clean shoes, either sneakers or soft-soled flat dance shoes.
Ruggles Baptist Church (near Fenway Park)
874 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02215
Please bring a change of clean shoes.

Classes with Tony & Aurelie Tye are offered in 6 week sessions throughout the year. Hop to the Beat specializes in the Lindy Hop style of Swing as well as Balboa, Charleston and other related dances. Newton classes have been running since 1995, with a new Boston location added in 2010. Classes have a fun, relaxed atmosphere, emphasizing lead/follow connection, rhythm, musicality, technique and styling. Each class consists of a 1 hour lesson per week for 6 weeks. It is possible to join a class in its second week. No partner required, singles and couples welcome. These are adult classes, but teens may also attend. Partners are rotated during classes, which is highly recommend as it is not only very helpful for learning, but also a fun way to meet classmates. Everyone is encouraged to give it a try, although rotating is not a requirement for attending. Locations are easily accessible by car and T.

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Registration: Please pre-register by submitting a Registration Form together with payment. If you are not able to pre-register, please still submit a Registration Form to help speed your registration on the first day. If pre-registered, please arrive 10 minutes before class time on the first day to allow time to check-in. If not pre-registered, please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to register and pay. No partner required unless mentioned otherwise. It is possible to join the session at the second week. If you are new to our studio and would like to try out a class, you may register and if you decide not to take the session, contact us within 2 days after the first lesson for a refund (less $15). We are always happy to help in deciding which class level is the best fit, and adjustments can be made in the second week of the session. Check the directions for parking information and note that the classes are held at different locations on different days.

Cost per person Discounts are for the same person taking multiple classes in the same session.
Any one 6 week class (covers 6 weeks of lessons)
Discount price for LH Level 1 after completing 2 previous Level 1 sessions
Discount price for LH Level 2 after completing 2 previous Level 2 sessions
Any two 6 week classes
Any three 6 week classes
Any four 6 week classes
Contact Us for information on the college group discount price for classes.