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Beantown Camp 2013 Instructors

Beantown Camp

Join us for our 17th Beantown Camp! Beantown has long been known as an excellent opportunity to learn and grow as a Lindy Hopper. You will be challenged, inspired and awed! How could you not with this incredible group of instructors? (Plus more to come!)

  • Evita Arce
  • Richard Badu
  • Heather Ballew 
  • Daryl Begin
  • Nathan Bugh
  • Eric Fenn
  • Pamela Gaizutyte
  • Nina Gilkenson
  • Laura Glaess
  • Kate Hedin
  • Skye Humphries
  • Michael Jagger
  • Javier Johnson
  • William Mauvais
  • Kenny Nelson
  • Daniel Newsome
  • Mikey Pedroza
  • Mike Roberts
  • Michael Seguin
  • Elaine Silver
  • Jennifer Stout
  • Peter Strom
  • Sylvia Sykes
  • Jon Tigert
  • Maeva Truntzer
  • Naomi Uyama
  • Bobby White

Camp runs from June 27 to July 4 with multiple registration options. This will be a phenomenal year to come to Beantown! If you’ve never done the full week, do it in 2013. There is just too much that you won’t want to miss! The website continues to be updated with the latest info. Registration goes live on February 5 at 8:00pm.

Check out the website for information.