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New Lindy Hop/Swing Classes

Hop to the Beat ClassThe next session begins on Sunday, April 6 in Newton Lower Falls and Monday, April 7 in Boston. Classes have a relaxed atmosphere, are good exercise, and a fun opportunity to meet people!

  • Beginner Swing/Intro to Lindy Hop Level 1
    Appropriate for anyone starting out as well as those with some experience who are working on building a solid foundation of dance skills. Includes six count basics, an intro to eight count basics, along with a variety of fun steps to build your repertoire and get you out on the dance floor! Meets in both locations.
  • Lindy Hop Level 2
    For more intermediate level Swing dancers, some prior Lindy Hop experience is helpful. Eight and six count basics will be mixed along with a variety of classic Lindy Hop, newer variations, and a focus on partnering, technique and style. Meets in both locations.
  • Frankie’s Favorites
    Frankie Manning danced with passion and joy, something we all need in our lives. This class will feature classic moves from the man himself that every Lindy Hopper should know! Come share the Lindy love! For intermediate to advanced. Meets in Newton only.

Free parking available in both locations as well as near public transportation. Singles and couples welcome. No partner necessary.

Full class details on website.

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