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Uptown Swing Dance

Saturday, May 10, 2014
Sax Gordon

Swing, Hot Blues, R&B

Special Event: Frankie Manning 100th Birthday Celebration

Lindy Hoppers around the world will be gathering to celebrate Frankie Manning this May in honor of his 100th birthday! Frankie was a very special person who touched the lives of so many, from first time dancers to seasoned pros. Many of us in Boston were lucky to have met and even gotten to know him prior to his passing in 2009. This year we honor his life and his spirit as we endeavor to emulate the values he passed on.

Frankie’s legacy lives on through the Frankie Manning Foundation and this dance will be a fundraiser with all profits going to the fund.

More details to come!

Read more about Frankie

Frankie ManningFrankie Manning leading the Shim Sham during a
Hop to the Beat Dance at the Cambridge Friends School in 2005.

Sax Gordon will be bringing his energy and enthusiasm to light up the dance floor. Every song will make you want to get up and dance! Gordon has a wonderful charm that connects with his audience. Plus there are always surprises that he brings with a wide repertoire from high energy Blues to classic Swing. If you like to have fun and you like to dance, all the ingredients will be provided for an excellent night to bring on those happy feet!

Included will be a special Big Apple in tribute to Frankie. We’ll be doing Frankie’s Keep Punching version and it would be awesome to have a big circle of dancers join in.

Be sure to arrive early for a Shim Sham lesson! (Included with the dance.)

  • Sax Gordon Band at 9:15pm
  • Swing lesson at 8:15pm
  • Shim Sham lesson at 8:45pm
  • Shim Sham with the band, Frankie Manning style
  • Frankie’s Big Apple
  • Admission $15 ($10 with Student ID)

Proceeds go to the Frankie Manning Foundation

Saturday, June 7, 2014
Mike DiBari

Little big band Swing, Gypsy Jazz

Please note the adjusted schedule!

Due to time restrictions at KI (having to do with sundown), this dance will run from 9:30pm to 12:30am.

Led by guitarist Mike DiBari, this tight knit combo hones in on the classic guitar driven Swing of the 30’s and 40’s. Their sound derives from guitar stylists such as Charlie Christian, Django Reinhardt and Les Paul, while also paying tribute to Swing era greats such as Lionel Hampton and the King Cole Trio. This band has played to rave reviews and continues to get better with each appearance at Uptown Swing.

Saturday, July 19, 2014
Professor Cunningham and his Old School
Professor Cunningham and his Old School

Please note the adjusted schedule!

Due to time restrictions at KI (having to do with sundown), this dance will run from 8:50pm to 12:30am.

  • Swing lesson at 8:50pm
  • Band starts at 9:30pm

Professor Cunningham is one of the most in demand Lindy bands in the New York scene. Having been together since 2012. Woodwind virtuoso Adrian Cunningham and his 5 piece band performs the most swinging repertoire in the New Orleans tradition—from Sidney Bechet, to Fats Waller, to Fats Domino!