Beantown Camp 2011: Whole Shebang & Week

Camp registration is now open! Join us for our 15th year, once again at the beautiful Endicott College campus, on the shore just north of Boston. Sign up early for the full choice of housing options. There are multiple choices to choose from whether you want a single, double or to coordinate with a group of people. The early bird discount for the whole shebang and week expires on March 20.

For those who can do either the whole shebang or full week option, it is definitely the way to go! It is amazing what a week can do for your dancing and your spirit. Here are some of the highlights for the second half of Beantown that you won’t want to miss:

  • Full track experience, it can do wonders for your dancing! Classes are smaller after the weekend and a great opportunity to work with all of the awesome instructors.
  • Class performances! Always a nice way to end the week both watching and participating. So many people have commented over the years how they have never performed and were hesitant to do so but afterwards said they had a blast! It is all in fun and you couldn’t have a more supportive audience!
  • Beantown’s Got Talent. Your chance to display your “talent”… whether serious or humorous. Always a ton of entertainment - the acts and the judges!
  • Camp BBQ by the beach. A nice change of pace with a BBQ dinner followed by volleyball, frisbee and exploring the shore line. A beautiful place to be:-)
  • Late night Soul Party with the charming Peter Strom, always a super fun night of dancing!
  • Two nights hanging out at the Endicott Pub!
  • Late night ice cream party at the Wednesday dance!
  • A true dance vacation! The opportunity to really immerse yourself in classes and dancing, but also to spend time with new and old friends. You really can leave the rest of the world aside for awhile as everything is provided for you on campus. No worries or cares, just time to have fun!

The extra bonus with the whole shebang:

  • More great classes to choose from to get your week started on Thursday evening.
  • A fun night of dancing with all the early arrival campers.
  • An excellent opportunity to settle yourself on campus and ease into a week of awesomeness.
  • For beginners, the new Beginner Lindy Hop Crash Course!

Camp runs from June 23 to June 30 with multiple registration options. If you have always wanted to come to Beantown, this will be a phenomenal year to do so. If you’ve never done the full week, do it in 2011. You will be glad you did!

The website is continually being updated with the latest info. Check out all the details at: