Use this to make a payment to Hop to the Beat. You need to enter the amount to pay manually as described below.

Enter the total amount owed in the Quantity box below, and use the Quantity Units to select if entering an amount in whole dollars, or in cents.

For example, if you owe $300, enter 300 in the Quantity box, and leave the Quantity Units as Dollars. If you owe $120.50, then enter 12050 in the Quantity box, and change the Quantity Units to Cents.

If you wish to pay by check, money order or your bank’s online payment, make payment to Hop to the Beat and send to the address at Contact. For your bank’s online payment use your email address (or your phone number if you do not have email) as the account number.

If using Bank of America/Zelle, Popmoney or Wise peer-to-peer transfers, use as the account to pay.

If this is not for yourself, enter the name of the person to be registered
Select whether you want the Quantity entered to be in dollars or cents.