Uptown Swing Dance

Saturday, March 30, 2019
Special Location: United Parish in Brookline

Special Event: Swing & Soul Dance at Uptown Swing


  • Soul lesson
  • Partner Soul Dance Contest (no fee to enter)

Racky Thomas is primarily a Blues man, although he continues to add to his repertoire, which has grown to be quite eclectic! He has a talent for blending his musicians on different occasions to come up with just the right mix for his audience. Racky loves playing for dancers and is great at keeping a Swing groove to everything played. There is plenty of inspiration for swinging out! His delivery has always been “soulful” and for this dance he’ll be reaching into his bag of tricks to add some classic Soul selections. Racky connects with his audience and his energy is infectious. His fan base keeps growing as it is always a fun night when Racky is on board!

The evening will be starting off with a special lesson with guest instructor Samuel Coleman, joining us from NYC! People all over the world, join hands, start a Love Train as Samuel takes you on a body rocking, hip shaking, hand clapping, head moving and foot stomping journey exploring socially conscious Soul music through movement. A non-partner class that is sure to uplift your spirit as well as challenge your body and mind.

Find a partner and participate in the Partner Soul Dance Contest! No advanced registration and no added fee to enter. This will be a fun competition open to anyone who would like to participate. There will be prizes!

Samuel will also be DJing the band breaks and handling the Soul contest.

  • Soul lesson: 8:15pm (included with the dance)
  • Guest Instructor and DJ: Samuel Coleman
  • Dancing: 9:00pm--12:00am
  • Partner Soul Dance Contest (no fee to enter)
  • More details TBA

Admission: $16 ($12 with Student ID)

Saturday, April 20, 2019
Special Location: United Parish in Brookline

The Frankie Manning Foundation was established with Frankie’s passing to carry on his legacy. We’ve been honored to have Beantown Camp as part of the Ambassador Program, which provides scholarships to support the growth and development of new ambassadors of Lindy Hop. Recipients are primarily selected from African-American communities throughout the USA as well as areas around the world where Lindy Hop is in a very early stage of development.

The experience is often life-changing, and it is wonderful to watch them grow as individuals and dancers, and begin to help teach future generations. Starting in 2014, Beantown began collecting funds to bring past Ambassadors back to camp, as many do not have the means to do so on their own. There is no charge to attend camp, however funds are needed to cover housing, meals and travel.

From the Frankie Manning Foundation:

Frankie Manning had a long association with Beantown Camp. He would be so pleased to see the amazing job that Beantown has done in creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for African American Lindy Hoppers. No camp has done more to increase African American participation and inclusion in the world swing dance community.

Profits from this dance will be used directly for the Beantown Ambassador Program. As this program has grown, we’re thrilled with the impact the experience has brought. Success would not be possible without the generous donations from our dance community. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Swing lesson: 8:15pm (included with the dance)
  • Dancing: 9:00pm–12:00am
  • All profits go to the Beantown Ambassadors Program
  • More details TBA

Admission: $12 ($8 with Student ID)

Saturday, May 11, 2019
Beantown Swing Orchestra
Special Location: United Parish in Brookline

Uptown Swing Celebrates Frankie Manning!

May is Frankie Month and Lindy Hoppers worldwide will be celebrating this very special man. There isn’t a better example than Frankie Manning to remind us of the joy and fun we have dancing! If you don’t know much about him, be sure to check out his bio. Of course the night would not be complete without a Shim Sham, Frankie style!

The 18-piece Beantown Swing Orchestra specializes in performing big band dance charts from the Swing Era (1935-1946), all transcribed from the original vintage recordings by trumpeter Danny Fratina. In order to achieve its mission of perpetuating this timeless music by exposing it to younger generations, the band trains high school students and provides them with vintage 1930s instruments to achieve the true sound of that period. With most of its musicians and staff in their teens and twenties, Beantown Swing Orchestra is a true representation of the young and energetic big bands of the Swing Era.

What a special treat to have this wonderful big band back at Uptown Swing!

  • Special Frankie Favorites Swing lesson: 8:15pm (included with the dance)
  • Dancing: 9:00pm–12:00am
  • Shim Sham, Frankie Style!
  • Big Apple, the Frankie version of course!
  • Frankie Doo!
  • More details TBA

Admission: $16 ($12 with Student ID)

Saturday, December 14, 2019
Gordon Webster Band

Special Event: Skye & Naomi Workshop Weekend

Special Extended Dance Time: 8:15pm-12:30am

Dance Exhibition by Skye Humphries & Naomi Uyama

Gordon Webster has grown into one of the most sought after musicians in the Lindy Hop world today. All the tremendous praise he receives is well deserved. His music is exciting, exhilarating and joyful! Our annual dance during the Skye & Naomi weekend has come to be a major highlight of the year.

This is a not to be missed event!

Admission: $28 ($24 with Student ID)