Beantown Camp News 5/26

One month and counting down to Beantown Camp! We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to the beautiful Endicott College campus. The campus is right on the shore, north of Boston, and provides a unique location for a fun week of immersing yourself in dancing. Everything is within an easy walking distance, even the 3 private beaches. Classes are held in a variety of buildings, although the main headquarters is at the student center where most of the evening dances are held and the the dining hall is located. Some evenings activities take place in the Lodge, conveniently next to the Pub (which will be open on those evenings). But wait, there’s more! Beantown Bounce, the instructors show, will be held in Rose, a beautiful state-of-the-art performance hall. The BBQ will be held in the Misselwood Tent, often used for weddings and located by the beach. Beantown Café, located adjacent to the evening dances, will be open each evening for snacks, playing pool and lounging. Beantown Shop is where you can buy your dance DVDs, tees and other items. If you need more, there’s a Cyber Cafe, Fitness Center, post office, small shop for sundries, ATM and laundry facilities. Living on campus is a great way to go. There are multiple dorms to choose from, each with different features. Another big plus is having fabulous meals prepared for you! Although you will have to choose what to eat, you won’t have to figure out where to go:-) It’s fun dining together with other campers and a great time to hang out and enjoy some down time…and even a bit of entertainment:-) Camp runs from June 23 to June 30 with multiple registration options. This is going to be an awesome year! If you’ve never done the full week, do it in 2011. There is just too much that you won’t want to miss! The website continues to be updated. Check out the schedule for info on many of the classes available to choose between. Beantown Camp information.