Join Second Week of New Session Lindy Hop/Swing Classes

Lindy Hop Swing Dance ClassClasses for this session include Beginner Swing/Intro to Lindy Hop Level 1 and Lindy Hop Level 2. These classes are offered both on Sunday evenings at the Newton Lower Falls Community Center and on Monday evenings at Ruggles Baptist Church in Boston.

Both of the Level 1 classes are quite full, although both do need leaders, especially the Monday Boston class! The Level 2 classes are close to even and there is room to join. Another follower on Monday would be nice.Laughing

Also on Sunday in Newton, we have a new class for intermediate to advanced Lindy Hoppers called Partner Charleston, Flashy Variations and Transitions. This class will be excellent for anyone wanting to learn Charleston variations with challenging and flashy transitions. It was a very fun class last Sunday!

The Charleston class needs more followers!

Free parking available in both locations as well as near public transportation.

Full class details and registration.