Frankie 100

Frankie 100Frankie 100 in NYC was truly spectacular from start to finish! The organizers did an amazing job with every little detail and extra. One of the major highlights was the countdown to Frankie’s birthday and the big balloon drop. Just incredible as all those people from 47 countries, spread out over 3 floors, joined together to celebrate this extraordinary man. Frankie was definitely smiling down on us at that moment!

Savoy Ballroom PlaqueAnother very special highlight was the gathering at the sight of the Savoy Ballroom, the inauguration of World Lindy Hop Day, and the parade through Harlem. We just wanted to soak it all in, walking the neighborhood where both Frankie and Norma grew up. It is mind boggling to think how what happened there has had such an impact on our lives today.

For us as Lindy Hoppers for just over 20 years now, it was so special to reunite with so many people from around the world that we have met and become friends with. It was a wonderful reminder of our early days and all the excitement that came with that and the amazing opportunities we had traveling to Sweden and England and other parts of the U.S. Frankie and Lindy Hop changed our lives and has given us so much. We are incredibly grateful to be a part of this worldwide community and to Frankie for teaching us how to dance and how to live!