2015 Year End Message

2015 is just about over and what a year it was! Some of our most wonderful highlights contrasted with some of our biggest challenges.

Of course there was the snow! For the first time ever we had to cancel a class session. Four cancelled Mondays in a row beat our previous record of one. We decided at that point to give up and try again with the new session. It was a longer wait than usual and very welcome when spring finally arrived.

Snow in BostonSnow in Boston

May brought us one of our worst experiences when we almost lost Beantown about a month prior to opening day. The main issues had to do with some new insurance requirements that we were having an impossible time fulfilling. Thankfully we managed to squeak by under the deadline as we couldn’t imagine the alternative. It was a horrible experience which completely took us by surprise.

Despite any issues, Beantown managed to be the most wonderful ever. It was the best attended, however, it was the amazing week that reminded us why we do it every year. So much joy, so much love! We couldn’t be more grateful to every single person who attended and contributed to a most spectacular camp.

After a stressful summer wondering if we’d be back at Endicott, we were incredibly relieved in the fall to get a positive outcome. There are some new parameters to follow, but any cons are far outweighed by the positives. We are grateful to have such a beautiful venue which has contributed much to what Beantown has become.

September marked the 20th anniversary of Hop to the Beat, which was highlighted by an excellent Uptown Swing celebration. We enjoyed the most awesome jam ever and were particularly excited to reunite the Hop to the Beat Dancers. Mostly we were reminded of how grateful we are to have made so many friends and met so many fantastic people, all coming together through this fabulous dance that we love so much.

Uptown Swing Dance November 2015 photo albumUptown Swing Dance November 2015 photo album
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The year once again closed out with another awesome Skye-Naomi-Gordon weekend. We couldn’t have ended our dance year on a higher note, full of friends, fun, inspiration, spirit and sheer bliss!

Skye Humphries & Naomi Uyama Workshops 2015 photo albumSkye Humphries & Naomi Uyama Workshops 2015 photo album
Also available on Facebook

Now it’s time to look forward to the new year!

Wishing you much joy and happiness in the new year.

Happy dancing,
Aurelie & Tony