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New Lindy Hop Class Session; Skye & Naomi; Uptown Swing

Fall has come in with a huge roar for us here at Hop to the Beat as we have a lot of new things going on!

First of all, we are very excited to announce that our new Hop to the Beat website is now up! We’ve got some pages to add and tweaks to be made, but the essentials are all there. Same address, new look: http://www.hoptothebeat.com/

For those on Facebook, we would appreciate if you would “Like” our pages. You can find them all here: http://www.hoptothebeat.com/facebook

On to our other announcements:-)

New Lindy Hop Swing Class Session

Uptown Swing this Saturday; New Classes; Skye & Naomi

Join us this Saturday, September 18 as we kick off the new season of dances at Uptown Swing in Brookline! This month’s dance features the Racky Thomas Band, always a crowd pleaser! Uptown Swing welcomes Lindy Hop, Swing, Balboa and Blues dancers of all levels, including beginners. If you have any friends who would like to try some Swing, bring them along. There is a lesson to start off the evening which is included.

New Classes Start Sunday/Monday; Uptown Swing

Happy September to everyone! So far the weather has been outstanding, letting us all enjoy some more summer.

New Session Lindy Hop/Swing Classes

Our new 6 week session of Lindy Hop classes starts this Sunday, September 12 back at Newton Lower Falls Community Center and Monday, September 13 at our new location, Ruggles Baptist Church in Boston. Here is what’s coming up:


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