Racky Thomas Band

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Special Event: Swing & Soul Dance at Uptown Swing


  • Soul lesson
  • Partner Soul Dance Contest (no fee to enter)

Racky Thomas is primarily a Blues man, although he continues to add to his repertoire, which has grown to be quite eclectic! He has a talent for blending his musicians on different occasions to come up with just the right mix for his audience. Racky loves playing for dancers and is great at keeping a Swing groove to everything played. There is plenty of inspiration for swinging out! His delivery has always been “soulful” and for this dance he’ll be reaching into his bag of tricks to add some classic Soul selections. Racky connects with his audience and his energy is infectious. His fan base keeps growing as it is always a fun night when Racky is on board!

The evening will be starting off with a special lesson with guest instructor Samuel Coleman, joining us from NYC! People all over the world, join hands, start a Love Train as Samuel takes you on a body rocking, hip shaking, hand clapping, head moving and foot stomping journey exploring socially conscious Soul music through movement. A non-partner class that is sure to uplift your spirit as well as challenge your body and mind.

Find a partner and participate in the Partner Soul Dance Contest! No advanced registration and no added fee to enter. This will be a fun competition open to anyone who would like to participate. There will be prizes!

Samuel will also be DJing the band breaks and handling the Soul contest.

  • Soul lesson: 8:15pm (included with the dance)
  • Guest Instructor and DJ: Samuel Coleman
  • Dancing: 9:00pm--12:00am
  • Partner Soul Dance Contest (no fee to enter)
  • More details TBA

Admission: $16 ($12 with Student ID)

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