Beantown Camp 2010 - The Show - Patrick Szmidt & Natasha Ouimet

Patrick Szmidt and Natasha Ouimet in The Show at Beantown Camp 2010.

Beantown Camp 2010 - The Show - Chris Nickl & Shirley McAdam

Chris Nickl and Shirley McAdam in The Show at Beantown Camp 2010.

Beantown Camp 2010 - The Show - Laura Glaess & Karen Turman

Laura Glaess and Karen Turman in The Show at Beantown Camp 2010.

Beantown Camp 2010 - The Show - Tap Girls

Tap number with Jenny Thomas, Ramona Staffeld, Karen Turman, Naomi Uyama and Evita Arce in The Show at Beantown Camp 2010.

Beantown Camp 2010 - The Show - Ryan Francois & Jenny Thomas

Ryan Francois and Jenny Thomas performing in The Show at Beantown Camp 2010.

Hop to the Beat Dancers

Hop to the Beat Dancers performing at Boston Swing Dance Network’s 20th Anniversary Party.

Beantown Camp 2010 - Lindy Hop Performance - Michael & Evita

Each year at Beantown several couples and groups provide some amazing entertainment each night of the week-long camp. These performances highlight the energy and overall feel of the camp as any and all are welcome!

This performance is of Michael Jagger and Evita Arce dancing to Shake that Thang. The crowd was floored by their energy, choreography and pure performance quality.

Beantown Camp 2010 - Class Performances - Eric Fenn's Hip Hop Track

Each year Beantown features multiple optional track, or mini-track, classes that let attendees focus on a non-Lindy Hop dance style. These are always popular and really help the dancer expand their overall dance knowledge and learn different body movements.

This is the Hip Hop track taught by Eric Fenn from California at Beantown Camp 2010. These classes are typically some of the most physical ones taught at Beantown but the attendees often say they are some of the most rewarding! Great job by this group - some impressive story-telling through music and movement. Congrats to Eric and the class!

Beantown Camp 2010 - The Frenchies, starring David Lasagna & Naomi Uyama

Beantown’s Got Talent is a hilarious event that happens each year at Beantown Camp. Camp attendees showcase their “talents” and talents to the amusement of the crowd…and the ridicule of the “guest” judges - Peter Strom, Jennifer Coulombe, and Sylvia Sykes. It is ridiculous, funny, entertaining, and most of all memorable.

The final act of the amazing 2010 Beantown’s Got Talent Show was actually a non-judged, beautiful French piece by Naomi Uyama and David Lasagna (the emcee for the week). It was such a perfect ending to such a fun and entertaining show!

Beantown Camp 2010 - Daryl Begin & Jen Stout - Strictly Lindy

The competitions at Beantown each year are a real treat! All competitors seem to just have fun and truly enjoy the chance to dance in front of the audience - not to mention the fact that the audience just eats it up!

This year’s winners of the 2010 Beantown Camp Strictly Lindy competition are Daryl Begin and Jennifer Stout. Congratulations and great job!