Solomon Douglas Heptet

Saturday, April 2, 2016
Solomon Douglas Heptet

Due to date conflicts at KI, the dance has been moved to the first Saturday this month.

The Solomon Douglas Heptet is a tight-swinging little band that plays music inspired by the great later swing small groups and early modernists of the late 1940s. This New York City-based group was founded in September of 2014 by Toronto-born pianist and composer Solomon Douglas, whose various bands have played at hundreds of swing dance and music festivals in North America, Asia, and Australia in the past 15 years. You’ll hear and feel the evidence of his experience as a swing dancer and dance instructor in the deeply swinging groove of his music. After a fabulous dance last year, we know this is going to be another very fun night!

Guest DJ this month is Paul Loschak.

Admission: $18 ($14 with Student ID)

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