New HTTB Classes in Newton and Boston start this week

Thanks to everyone who came out to Uptown Swing on Saturday for a fun night with Boston Swing Express! Mike DiBari has been doing a great job of catering to us dancers and just gets better each time. Our next dance will be on Saturday, November 19 with the Sax Gordon Band, a sure bet for an awesome high energy night!

New Class Session Starts this Week

Lindy Hop Swing Dance ClassOur new 6 week session starts this Sunday, October 23 at the Newton Lower Falls Community Center in Newton and this Monday, October 24 at Ruggles Baptist Church in Boston near Fenway Park. Here is what’s coming up:

  • Beginner Swing/Intro to Lindy Hop
    This class is for both brand new dancers and those with some experience who would like to build a stronger foundation and gain more confidence on the dance floor. Six count basics are covered along with a different selection of fun steps each session. There are 7 different sessions at this level, which can be taken in any order, providing the opportunity to develop a good base for social dancing while continuing to learn new steps. If you have any friends who have been wanting to get started, please send them along! This class meets in both Newton and Boston.
  • Lindy Hop Level 2
    This class is aimed at intermediate level Swing dancers who can already comfortably social dance any style of triple-step Swing. It is not necessary to already know Lindy Hop. The class focuses on core moves, including a mix of 8 and 6 count basics, emphasizing technique and lead-follow connection. There are 8 different sessions at this level which continually change over time and can be taken in any order. Each session includes a mix of classic Charleston moves and newer variations. This class meets in Newton and Boston.
  • Rhythm Variations
    This is a new class aimed at more experienced Lindy Hop dancers and meets in the Newton location only. You already have a wide range of Lindy Hop basics and in this class we’ll be focusing on adding different rhythms to these moves you know well. Variations will be included for both leaders and followers to incorporate as well as variations to lead socially. If you are interested in learning ways to spice up your footwork, dance more musically, as well as improvising, this will be a good class for you! 

If you are planning to attend any of these classes and have not already done so, it is very helpful if you would submit an on-line registration to speed up check-in. You can pay in advance by credit card through PayPal or at the first class by cash, check and now we can even take credit:-) Thanks!

Free parking available in both locations as well as near public transportation.

Full class details and registration.

Skye & Naomi Lindy Hop Workshop Weekend

Skye Humphies and Naomi UyamaGet your registration in before November 2nd to get the early bird prices for the Skye Humphries and Naomi Uyama weekend of Lindy Hop workshops on December 2-4! The classes will all be held at Lower Falls Community Center in Newton.

Please note that the times for the Saturday classes have changed slightly from what was originally published.

The weekend will also include our monthly Uptown Swing Dance in Brookline featuring the Gordon Webster Band with Naomi on vocals plus a dance performance with Skye and Naomi. These two are among the most popular instructors currently on the worldwide Lindy Hop scene. With the combination of Skye, Naomi and Gordon, it will be a not-to-be-missed event. Register today. You know you want to!

Complete workshop schedule and registration.

Happy dancing,
Aurelie & Tony