Joel & Dominique Lindy Hop & Balboa Weekend: Last Week For Discount Price

Joel Plys and DominiqueThis is the last week to register at the discount prices for the Joel Plys & Dominique workshops on April 12-14, expiring next Wednesday, April 3! It will be possible to register after that date at full price.  

Complete workshop schedule and registration.

Classes are offered a la carte and will all be held at Lower Falls Community Center in Newton. Workshops kick off Friday evening with a Balboa and a Lindy Hop class, both requiring previous experience. The most beginner Lindy Hop classes are scheduled for Saturday afternoon followed by higher level Balboa classes. The most beginner Balboa classes will be on Sunday followed by higher level Lindy Hop classes. It’s a mixed up kind of weekend! There will be something for everyone and a variety of topics covered.

The workshops will wrap up with the classic Stops routine for experienced Lindy Hoppers. This is one of those routines danced by Lindy Hoppers worldwide, so don’t miss this great opportunity to learn it for yourself!

Dances for the weekend start with Friday night at Boston Swing Central with Shawn Hershey and the Fried Bananas. On Saturday will be our monthly Uptown Swing Dance at KI in Brookline featuring Baby Soda plus a dance performancewith Joel & Dominique.  

These two have been busy lately traveling the globe teaching and we are looking forward to having them here in our own backyard. Register today and be prepared for a fun weekend of workshops and dancing!