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Beantown Registration Update

Beantown CampThank you to everyone who has already registered for Beantown! We are looking forward to welcoming you to camp this year. There are currently only a handful of 4th tier spaces left. Register now if you would like to grab one!

Beantown Camp Registration.

One of the housing choices has sold out, but there are still plenty of great options to choose from.

Endicott Reservation.

Join us for an amazing dance vacation! Beantown runs from June 27 to July 4th with multiple registration options to choose from. Register now to join dancers from around the country and beyond.

If you are planning to attend, please respond on the Beantown Facebook event page if you have not already done so. Thanks!

The Sound of Beantown Camp


There are many truly awesome things about Beantown Camp #17. Just one of them is the live music. We are excited about this line-up!

  • Baby SodaBaby Soda Jazz Band. This wonderful NYC band will be making their first Beantown appearance, kicking things off on Friday night.
  • Campus FiveJonathan Stout and his Campus Five. Yes folks, they’ll be back AGAIN! Saturday and Sunday! It has been confirmed that Beantown and Campus Five make an excellent combination
  • Gordon WebsterGordon Webster & Friends featuring Naomi Uyama on vocals. Gordon and his band have been regulars at Beantown and every year we think we couldn’t love them any better, but we do. This year the full band will be coming for the first time and there just isn’t a better way to celebrate and finish up an amazing week of camp.

To sum it up, dancing bliss from start to finish!


It is never too early to make summer plans to attend Beantown Camp. Get your 4th Tier discount prices while they are still available!


Beantown Camp Registration.

There is much in the works with information which we hope to send out soon. Beantown is going to be amazing! So much incredible stuff all wrapped in one week of pure joy.

Check out the latest details on the Beantown website.

Beantown Camp Registration News

Beantown CampWe are happy to report that camp registrations have been coming in from near and far! It is still possible to get in with the new discount prices as registration has just moved into the 4th Tier.

Beantown Camp Registration.

Some major plans are in the works with information which we hope to send out soon! Get excited! Beantown is going to be amazing from start to finish!

Check out the latest details on the Beantown website.

Beantown Camp Registration News

Beantown CampBeantown registration is open! It is still possible to take advantage of some new discounts. The first and second tiers have sold out, however excellent prices are currently available. Why not get the best bang for your buck? Register now!

For those who would like to take maximum advantage of the monthly installment plan, register by February 14 to get on the 5 month plan. (Starting February 15 it converts to a 4 month plan.) Camp registration and the Endicott reservation may both be purchased with the installment plan.

Beantown Camp Registration.

Join us for an amazing dance vacation! Beantown runs from June 27 to July 4th with multiple registration options to choose from. Come together with dancers from around the country and beyond for a week of inspiration, challenge, passion and pure joy!

Check out the website for information.

Beantown Goes Live

Beantown CampRegistration opens Tuesday, February 5 at 8:00pm EST. Be one of the first campers to register to get the biggest discounts.

No prices have been increased! New discounts have been added! Payments can be made with 5 monthly installments for those registering in early February.

Beantown is going to be AWESOME! If you have ever thought about doing the full week, do it in 2013. Camp runs from June 27 to July 4. It will be an incredible experience from start to finish!

Check out the website for the latest information.

Beantown Camp 2013 Instructors

Beantown Camp

Join us for our 17th Beantown Camp! Beantown has long been known as an excellent opportunity to learn and grow as a Lindy Hopper. You will be challenged, inspired and awed! How could you not with this incredible group of instructors? (Plus more to come!)

  • Evita Arce
  • Richard Badu
  • Heather Ballew 
  • Daryl Begin
  • Nathan Bugh
  • Eric Fenn
  • Pamela Gaizutyte
  • Nina Gilkenson
  • Laura Glaess
  • Kate Hedin
  • Skye Humphries
  • Michael Jagger
  • Javier Johnson
  • William Mauvais
  • Kenny Nelson
  • Daniel Newsome
  • Mikey Pedroza
  • Mike Roberts
  • Michael Seguin
  • Elaine Silver
  • Jennifer Stout
  • Peter Strom
  • Sylvia Sykes
  • Jon Tigert
  • Maeva Truntzer
  • Naomi Uyama
  • Bobby White

Camp runs from June 27 to July 4 with multiple registration options. This will be a phenomenal year to come to Beantown! If you’ve never done the full week, do it in 2013. There is just too much that you won’t want to miss! The website continues to be updated with the latest info. Registration goes live on February 5 at 8:00pm.

Check out the website for information.

Beantown Camp 2013 Announcement

Beantown Camp 2013Plans for Beantown Camp 2013 are well under way! This will be #17 and everything is coming together for something pretty special! This year camp runs from June 27 to July 4th and we will be back on the beautiful Endicott campus on the shore just north of Boston. Although the general format will be similar to last year, there are some schedule and activity changes and additions to ensure maximum fun and awesomeness!

The new registration format seemed to work well last year with the ability to register for Beantown separate from the housing and meal options.

New for this year will be the procedure for organizing the Lindy Hop tracks, with the majority of placements determined through an audition process. It is an ever-changing process with the intention to create the most ideal groups based on who attends each year.

Although much of the website is updated for 2013, the registration section is being reworked, staff additions are in the process of being confirmed, and the schedule will certainly have some tweaking as well as class details to be added.

Registration will be opening February 5th. Stay tuned for information on early bird pricing options. Make your plans for starting out the summer at Beantown Camp! You will be glad you did.Cool

Beantown Camp information.

Holiday Gifts of Dance

What’s better than a gift of dance this holiday season! Here’s what you will find in the Hop to the Beat Shop:

  • Ryan Francois and Jenny Thomas DVDsRyan and Jenny’s series of teaching DVDs. Ryan and Jenny are two of the best Lindy Hop teachers and performers in the world. These DVDs are jam packed with information with very clear presentation and tons of demonstration.
  • Beantown Camp 2012 DVDsBeantown Camp DVDs, including the 3 DVD set for 2012 covering class recaps, competitions, evening and class performances and Beantown Bounce (the awesome show)!
  • Beantown Camp and Hop to the Beat T-Shirts.
  • Gift Certificates which are customized to any amount.

Purchase at the Hop to the Beat shop.

Beantown Camp 2013

Beantown Camp

For those who want to start thinking about NEXT summer, the dates for Beantown are set from June 27-July 4. There will be similar registration options as in the past. Believe it or not, plans are already in the works. This will be our 17th year! Think about doing the full week to get the whole experience as each day brings something special! Details will not be available for awhile, but we do guarantee it will be a spectacular opportunity for a very fun and inspiring week.

Check out last year’s info to get an idea what it’s all about.

Beantown Camp 2012 Thanks

It doesn’t seem like three weeks have passed since Beantown Camp ended. Maybe that’s because we are still wrapping things up, collecting photos and working on the camp DVD. Leading up to camp, we had a feeling that it was going to be a good week. How could it not with the incredible line-up of instructors and bands?

Once again, we just have to say that Beantown exceeded expectations. It was just an incredibly wonderful week full of smiles, fun and joy! We want to thank each and every one of our Beantown staff and campers. So much positive energy. As we are back in our regular classes, it is very rewarding hearing from our own first-time students mentioning how much they loved the classes, all the nice people they met and the fun time they had. Good to hear after subjecting them to our saying over and over again to go to camp!Smile

Here are just a few highlights to mention:

Beantown Bounce Finale

Another amazing Beantown Bounce showcasing the incredible talent of Beantown instructors. Thanks to Michael Jagger and Evita Arce for producing, Peter Strom for choreographing the finale, all the performers and the entire crew for providing such an inspiring and entertaining show.

Soul Party

Peter’s late night Soul Party, always a camp highlight, where everyone kind of just lets loose and has a super fun night.

Eric's Hip Hop Routine Class Performance

The end-of-camp track performances, always a great way to wrap up a week of excellent classes! We moved into Rose this year which really added the perfect atmosphere for cheering on each group. My own personal highlight, being in Eric Fenn’s Hip Hop routine and loving every minute of it. (Plus thanks to all my practice buddies!)

Saturday Night Jam to Campus Five

Night after night of phenomenal music from our three awesome bands, Gordon Webster, Campus Five and Glenn Crytzer, as well as Michael Gamble and his crew of DJs.

BBQ Sparklers

The most fun BBQ night ever on the 4th of July, one of our all time highlights. Something about the end of camp, the sparklers (thank you Cynthia!) and watching the fireworks across the water made it a really special night.

Frankie Foundation Ambassadors

Our wonderful Frankie Foundation Ambassadors, Merika, Josh and Lehua. They were each a joy to have at camp all week and we are thankful that we were able to provide this opportunity for them.

In addition to our teen ambassadors, we may have had our largest group of teens ever and it was such a great time watching all of them having so much fun. If this is the future of Lindy Hop, we are in good shape!

Beantown Camp Swimming

The excellent weather we had, perfect for the beach, and it seems that many campers took advantage of that this year.

Norma Miller

Having Norma Miller with us all week to share her life, remind us of where it all started and for being so much fun to talk with.

As always, one of the most special features of Beantown, connecting with old friends, new friends and just enjoying being together!

Yes, there were more, and the list could go on and on! The whole week was kind of one huge highlight!Cool

So many people to thank for the incredible week of camp. We would like to send some special shout outs to our wonderful crew who help us to check-in all campers, run the café, the shop, the water crew, drivers, videographers, photographers and help with so many other tasks including Joel Domoe for once again doing an awesome job running the competitions and Edgar Herwick for adding his emcee talents to the proceedings this year. Thanks to Dave Lasagna for bringing extra smiles to our faces and providing his own special touch to our days. We also want to send a huge thank you to the most wonderful staff at Endicott College. We know how lucky we are to have Patrick watching over everything and going out of his way to be sure everyone has the best time possible. Plus the amazing dining staff who make the effort to provide us with a big variety of healthy, decadent and delicious meals. Everything has just gotten better since we moved to this wonderful campus eight years ago and we feel it adds so much to what makes Beantown such a unique and special experience each year.

Beantown Campers, you are the best! Thanks to all who traveled far and near. We appreciate your support and we appreciate you!  We wish you all many happy times ahead and hope to see you back in 2013!

Happy dancing,
Aurelie & Tony


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