Uptown Swing, Shim Sham for Frankie

This week for me (Aurelie) is all about my Dad. He passed away on Saturday after over 6 months of either being in the hospital or rehab. I am extremely thankful that I was with him in his last moments along with my Mom, my two sisters and Tony.

Dad grew up in Queens, NY with parents who were first generation Americans and from there he earned multiple degrees including a masters in chemical engineering and a doctorate in nuclear physics. He spent most of his career working at Union Carbide and moved with the company when they relocated from NYC to Danbury, CT. He was a brainiac with an incredible memory and I spent my whole life assuming that he pretty much knew everything.

My Dad has a huge music collection and loved listening to Jazz music. What I will remember always is hearing lots of Frank Sinatra around the house. My Dad was also a big fan of the New York Giants and UCONN Women’s Basketball. In retirement, he loved the opportunity to travel with my Mom and especially enjoyed their visits to Italy and cruising on the QE2.

Mostly the center of my Dad’s life was my Mom and their family of 7 children, 11 grandchildren, sons and daughters in-law and my aunts and uncles. We will all miss him terribly and are sad he didn’t get a chance to get back home with my Mom, even if only for a short time.

I’ll be playing some Sinatra from me to him this weekend at Uptown Swing.

Uptown Swing Dance, Shim Sham for Frankie

Please join us this Saturday, May 21 for our next Uptown Swing Dance at our wonderful venue, Brookline Tai Chi. This month features the Racky Thomas Band for a fun night of dancing, always an Uptown Swing favorite! All levels are welcome and no partners are needed. There is a lesson included which precedes the dance, so please bring your friends to give them a taste of what Swing is all about.

This week, Shim Shams will be done all over the world in honor of Frankie Manning and we’ll be doing one at our dance. In addition, $1 of each admission will be donated to the Frankie Manning Fund and there will be a donation box for anyone wanting to make an additional tax-deductible contribution (by cash or check).

The mission of the Frankie Manning Legacy Fund is to preserve and promote the rich cultural, choreographic and artistic legacy of Frankie Manning and to encourage the world-wide proliferation and promotion of the music and the dance Frankie loved so much (Swing music and Lindy Hop).

BTC is conveniently located on Beacon Street directly across from the Washington Square T stop. Street parking is free after 6:00pm.

Uptown Swing Dance information.

Summer Class Session

For those who like to plan ahead, our summer session of Lindy Hop classes is up on the website. As usual for the summer, we will not be holding Sunday classes. Mondays will be continuing in Boston at Ruggles Church near Fenway Park. Sundays in Newton will resume in September.

Class information.

Happy dancing,
Aurelie & Tony