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Special Classes & Presentations

Beantown CampHave you checked out the amazing extras we have at Beantown this year?

  • Open Practices hosted by Tara Weinstein
  • Aternoon Stretch with Lori Torkkola
  • Afternoon Chi with Richard Badu
  • Lunch Time Community Discussion hosted by Peter, Nicole and Sylvia
  • Shoe Chroming with Ed Wilson
  • Improv for Dancers with Josh Mclean
  • Solo Hip Hop Footwork for Lindy Hoppers with Anthony Chen
  • You’ve Just Been Framed! with Richard Badu
  • DJ Summit hosted by Andrew Selzer
  • Queen of Swing documentary with Norma Miller, hosted by Bobby White
  • Solo Dance Practice hosted by Gaby Cook
  • Board Games in the Pub hosted by Rob Keder
  • Swing Anecdotes Pub Talk with Bobby White
  • Movie Clips Presentation with Peter Strom

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Only 2 Weeks Until Beantown Camp!

Beantown CampIf you are planning to attend and have not yet completed a registration or an Endicott reservation, it would be a huge help if you get your registration and full payment in ASAP! There are packets to assemble and the college has rooms to prepare. We want your complete camp experience to be smooth sailing from the moment you arrive and the more we can do in advance, the easier for us to make that happen.

Join us for our 19th year! Camp runs from June 25 to July 2 with multiple registration options. Start your summer off right with a dance vacation at Beantown Camp!

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Beantown Competitions & Sponsors

Beantown CampIt is not too late to register for one of the fun competitions during the weekend. A fantastic, supportive audience is included! Divisions include Novice, Intermediate and Advanced J&Js, Strictly, Solo Charleston and Soul! Competitions are scheduled so that we have plenty of social dance time with excellent live music on both Friday and Saturday night. (That would be the Spicy Pickles and the Campus Five in case you have forgotten!)

We are honored to have so many wonderful events sponsoring the competitions by providing prizes for each division. Be sure to check each one out for your future event plans!

Beantown Camp Sponsors.

Beantown Ride Sharing

Beantown CampThe Facebook event page is the place to go for ride sharing information. Communicate with other campers and maybe organize a door-to-door airport shuttle or request a ride from a local. For our local campers, we would really appreciate if you check to see if there are any visiting campers you can help out. Or maybe offer a ride to campus if you have space in your car. It is wonderful when we all work together to make this an amazing experience for everyone!

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Beantown Scholarship Program

Beantown CampThe Beantown Scholarship Program was first started in 2014 to help bring previous Frankie Foundation ambassadors back to Beantown. The Ambassador Program was established to support the growth and development of new ambassadors of Lindy Hop and to carry on Frankie’s legacy. Camp registrations are free of charge, however, funds are needed to cover housing, meals and travel.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed. We currently have 5 Frankie ambassadors returning to camp funded from your contributions! There is still time to contribute if you would like to do so. Every little bit helps!

Beantown Scholarship Donation

Housing and Meals on Campus

Beantown CampIf you have registered but not yet made an Endicott Reservation for housing and meals on campus, now is the time to do it! We highly recommend staying on campus (even if you live locally) to enhance your camp experience! Several of the housing options have sold out, however, singles and doubles are still available.

All housing reservations include full meals. In addition, there is a full meal option and a lunch only option. Don’t forget the BBQ on Monday evening! Meals are excellent and all special dietary needs are accommodated. Meal time is also a fun social time! It will not be possible to purchase meals individually and only meal card holders will be permitted in the dining hall.

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Last Discount Prices through May 31

Beantown Camp

This Sunday, May 31 is the last day to get a registration discount price. It is also the due date to make your balance payment.

Leaders are still needed! Please help follows get off the wait list. If you are already registered and know of leads you can encourage to sign up, we would very much appreciate your help!

We’ve got the instructors, bands, DJs and dancers for an amazing week at Beantown. Don’t miss out on our 19th year!

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Last Chance for Early Bird Discount

Beantown CampThe Early Bird Discount for camp registration expires this Thursday, April 30. Join us for an amazing dance vacation! Beantown is known for an incredible learning experience, friendly dancers, beautiful environment, tons of fun, and a wonderful positive spirit!

Camp runs from June 25 to July 2 with multiple registration options. This will be a phenomenal year to come to Beantown. If you’ve never done the full week, do it now and you’ll be glad you did!

Register today for your dance vacation at Beantown Camp!

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What's New at Beantown Camp for 2015

Beantown CampThere’s always something new at camp! Each year we take a good look at what we’ve done, listen to your feedback and keep an eye on what’s going on in the greater Lindy scene. There are always improvements that can be made as well as changes and additions to keep things fresh and use the strengths of our amazing staff. Plus as many previous campers know, Endicott College is always up to something and we think everyone is going to be very happy with the changes. The beautiful setting and wonderful facilities add to the awesome time we have at Beantown each year!

What’s new for 2015:

  • Two new mini-tracks have been added. Gaby Cook will be teaching choreography for performance with Gaby’s Chorusline Ladies. Nathan Bugh will be doing a routine for newer and experienced tappers with Nathan’s Awesome Tap Routine!
  • All Lindy Hop tracks will have some classes designated with a particular topic, including musicality, dance technique, partner connection and movement as well as the usual track routines.
  • New specialty classes are in the works and will be added to the schedule.
  • Competition preliminaries have been moved to an earlier evening time slot to allow for more prime time social dancing.
  • Auditions and track placements will be under the direction of Jenna Applegarth and new procedures are in the works to help improve the process as well as track balances.
  • The Callahan Center renovations are complete and the main room has been transformed. It is much bigger, more open and looks very different. New AC has been installed as well. The lobby is gone and the main entrance is in the center of the front side of the building.
  • The dining hall has also been completely transformed. It is bigger and configured differently than in the past. The serving area is now gone and food stations are located throughout the main part of the room. There is all new seating and the entire look is very modern. The entrance is now off the street side of the building on the 2nd floor and leads directly into the dining hall.
  • A brand new space has been created called Gully’s, located in the center of the campus in the same building as the large auditorium. The entrance is across from the lake and the Amphitheater. About half the room holds the newly located pub and the other half is an open dance space. We’ll be using it for a class space as well as for some of the evening activities.

Although the basic schedule is up, many of the class descriptions, specialty classes and presentations are in the process of being added. Other refinements are likely to be made as plans are finalized. We are very excited with how it is all coming together!

Beantown runs from June 25 to July 2. Do the week to get the full experience! There is so much that you won’t want to miss. Most campers stay on campus, which is highly recommended and adds to the fun of coming to camp!

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Important Beantown Camp Registration News

Beantown CampRegistrations have continued to come in from all over the U.S. and beyond! Lots of returning campers and lots of first-timers!

That’s the good news. The not so good news is that we are going to have to start a wait list for weekend and extended weekend followers. Here’s the situation:

  • Followers wanting to register for the weekend or extended weekend will have to go on a waiting list unless also registering with a leader. The leader does NOT have to register for the same registration period.
  • Registration is open for followers registering for the week and whole shebang, however, registering with a leader will be helpful to avoid having to start a wait list.
  • The sooner we can accumulate leaders, the sooner we can accept those on the wait list.

There is a solution! Leaders, please register so that we can accept all follows who would like to attend. The last thing we want to do is have to close someone out. There is time, however, the sooner the better so everyone is able to make their plans for attending.

If you are already registered and know of leaders you can encourage to sign up, we would very much appreciate your help!

Register today for your dance vacation at Beantown Camp.

Early Bird prices are in effect until April 30. If you would like to get on the 3 month installment plan, the deadline is April 25.

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