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Beantown Camp Registration Update

Beantown CampRegistrations have continued at a nice steady pace and we are excited by our fantastic start. There are currently groups organizing from New York, Maine, Providence, Connecticut and Chicago as well as many Canadians. In addition, there is already a great mix of campers coming from all over the country and beyond. Lots of first timers as well as those who’ve come for many years.

Some of the housing options have filled, although there is plenty of available housing on campus. If you are interested in a triple/quad, which is the cheapest on-campus option, they have been filling quickly. There are some spaces still available in Marblehead and Kennedy.

Early Bird discount prices are currently available. Great bargains are still to be had!

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More exciting announcements will be coming soon!

View the website for more information!

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Beantown Camp Registration Opens Tomorrow!

Beantown CampReady…set…it’s almost here!

Registration opens TOMORROW, January 29 at 8:00pm EST! Be one of the first campers to register to get the biggest discounts. Don’t forget to set up your Beantown account in advance if you don’t already have one!

Check out these pricing deals:

  • NO camp registration increases.
  • TIERED pricing for the earliest camp registrations. 
  • TIERED whole shebang and week discounts for first time campers. 
  • INTERNATIONAL camp registration discounts. 
  • MINOR Endicott price increases for housing and meals.
  • STUDENT housing discounts. 
  • FIVE month installment plan available for registrations by February 25. (Additional installment plans afterward.)

Beantown runs from June 25 to July 2. Do the week to get the full experience! Most campers stay on campus, which is highly recommended.

View the website for more information!

Join the Beantown Camp Facebook event.

Beantown Camp 2015 Overview

Beantown CampShut off the stresses of the outside world, relax in a beautiful shoreline setting and enjoy immersing yourself in dance camp. Outstanding instructors, incredible bands, a wide range of Lindy Hoppers from near and far. Many class options, inspiring performances, lots of social dancing, karaoke, Beantown’s Got Talent, fun competitions, camp social, camp BBQ, Soul Dance Party, tons of fun. Comfortable housing options, high quality meals, private beaches, excellent facilities. Meet a living legend of Lindy Hop, make new friends, join a music jam, swim in the ocean, play volleyball by the beach. Feel the Lindy Love! In a nutshell, that’s what you get at Beantown!

Beantown runs from June 25 to July 2. Do the week to get the full experience! Most campers stay on campus, which is highly recommended.

The website is in the process of being updated and new information is being added daily.

Beantown Camp website.

Beantown Camp 2015 News

Beantown CampAlthough Beantown Camp news has been quiet, the wheels are turning and there is much being prepared! We can mention that the instructors and bands for the week will be outstanding, some new plans are in the works, as well as some exciting changes at Endicott College. Registration is scheduled to open later this month!

Announcements will be rolling out soon. Save the dates, June 25 to July 2, and stay tuned!

Beantown Camp 2014 Thanks

Beantown and we are still busy with camp follow-up and sorting through literally thousands of photos. This year’s camp had some extra challenges which kept us extremely busy. Callahan renovations were not complete, which meant no dining hall and no main dance venue. Plus registration was up, which was exciting and wonderful, but added to the unknowns as to if everything was going to work. We made our best judgments as we planned out the week, knowing that sometimes you have to actually experience something to know what you are dealing with. In addition, this year’s Beantown was a tribute to Frankie and there were several plans in the works that were not easily coming together but that I wanted so much to complete.


One way or another, we made it to opening day and then experienced the absolutely most wonderful Beantown ever! Sure there were some logistical issues that could use improvement, and we were able to see ways to do some things better. However, when it comes down to everything that counts the most, we couldn’t have been happier. Mostly what we saw were smiling, happy, joyous faces!


We had put a bunch of stuff on the schedule and day after day, each one was so positive and wonderful and just how you hope it would be. We saw happy instructors, happy bands, happy campers! What more could you want? Even the weather was just about perfect! It was an emotional roller coaster ride that turned into a very special and amazing week that will carry us for a long time to come.

Beantown Bounce

There are so many people to thank including of course our amazing staff of instructors, our outstanding bands, DJs, work crew and helpers. Every single one contributed to making Beantown the spectacular week that it was. This year something that stood out more than ever was the enthusiasm in which both staff and campers wanted to help, wanted to participate and wanted to add. There are some that we want to thank individually.


Bobby White Talk

  • Bobby White for offering his two entertaining and educational talks.
  • Dan Newsome for volunteering to host a DJ summit.
  • Allen Kerr for not only being head DJ, but also handling DJ duties at many of our special events throughout the week.
  • Tom Hagar for heading up the photo crew and getting himself just about everywhere.

Beantown Bounce - The Errand Boy

  • Michael & Evita for directing Beantown Bounce, plus everyone who performed and worked on the production. What a special treat to have such a first class show at Beantown and we truly appreciate all the hard work and thought that went into it.
  • Dan Repsch & Jenny Sowden for taking their task of teaching the Blues Mini-Track and expanding it into hosting a Swing & Blues Party and a Blues practice. Your spirit and enthusiasm are much appreciated.

Beantown Camp Competitions

  • Jenna Applegarth and her lovely assistant Jon Tigert for superbly handling our largest competitions ever.
  • Jon Tigert and his lovely assistant Jenna Applegarth for putting together the most amazing Beantown’s Got Talent! Beantown proved that it does have talent and plenty of it! Plus of course these two also hosted another fun night of Beantown Karaoke:-)
  • Kenny Nelson for running the always challenging track auditions and all that goes with it. A thankless job for sure, except by us:-)

Soul Party

  • Peter Strom for adding so much to Beantown year after year! What is more fun than the Soul Party? Such a big highlight and somehow even better than ever. Special this year was the Frankie Presentation. It was just the right mix of everything and near and dear to our hearts:-)

Frankie Showing The Way

Usually camp is set up a few days in advance. Due to the construction of our dance “room”, we had to do it the night before, something we would definitely not recommend! We would not have managed without the help of Martin Fréchette, Joe Toth, Rachelle Gaudet, Suzanne Gaudet, Steve & Deb Carmel, Betty Stone, Anne Orens, Denyce Zabrecky and Benson Wong. Michael Strickland and Xander Norman tackled the dance rooms through the late hours of the night and then completed all the sound along with Maduka Chidebelu-Eze on Thursday. Rebecca Strickland worked the auditions, competitions and filled in for me on countless tasks throughout the week. Each one stepped up when we needed them most, and we truly appreciate all of them!

Photo Booth

Special thanks go out to our good friend Don Fish who created the illustration for our amazing photo booth. I reached out to him as time was running out and help was needed. He jumped right in and we ended up with something so much more than we could envision. Don also has done many of our wonderful t-shirt and banner designs. Don was a student in our very first regular classes that we taught in Providence many years ago. We are so fortunate to still have him in our lives.


Most new campers come based on recommendations from instructors, classmates, friends and acquaintances. Thank you so much to every one of you who helped make this our best attended Beantown ever! We couldn’t possibly do this without you.


We especially want to thank Carl Linder, Karrie Willis, Lunou Samson Poirot, Jasmin Hains, Katleen Rousseau, Daryl Begin, Jennifer Stout, Javier Johnson, Cynthia Simonds and Samuel Coleman who all put in the extra effort to organize and encourage large groups of mostly new campers.

New York City

In addition we have to thank the Canadian dancers of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick who just kept registering, as well as all NYC area dancers for your tremendous support as you keep multiplying year after year! When I mentioned at camp how much you all helped me to get through some overwhelming moments, I was not kidding!

Dining Hall

It is not just the beautiful setting and facilities at Endicott College that we love. Most important is working with Patrick Cornelissen and the Endicott College staff. They are the best and we can’t imagine running Beantown without them. Paul Belski and the food service crew did a tremendous job through difficult conditions, working from a portable kitchen. Our group filled the temporary dining hall and we were told that ours was the only group that could have managed with our size as we are the only ones who will all share the tables. Yay Lindy Hoppers!

Gordon Webster and Friends with Naomi Uyama

Last but not least, thank you to all Beantown campers for bringing your wonderful selves to camp this year! The positive, supportive and happy environment at camp was due to all of you. Thank you for your participation, your energy, your friendliness and your smiles. The spirit of Frankie was alive and well at Beantown this year and we couldn’t be more proud.

Beantown's Got Talent - Poetry with Jonathan Chen

We wish you all the best and look forward to doing it all again in 2015!

Aurelie & Tony

Beantown Camp 2014 Competition Results

This year Beantown had the most ever competitors and the highest level of competition. As usual, a very supportive Beantown crowd were there to enthusiastically cheer on all the competitors. Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants!

Novice Lindy Hop Jack & JillNovice Lindy Hop Jack & Jill

  1. Liat Frenkel & Kate Blair
  2. Pascal Hogan & Jennifer Stewart
  3. Dang Mai & Hannah Piontek

Intermediate Lindy Hop Jack & JillIntermediate Lindy Hop Jack & Jill

  1. Andy Yong & Becky Zub
  2. Samuel Coleman & Marie-Eve Galina
  3. Payam Fahr & Katie Piselli

Advanced Lindy Hop Jack & JillAdvanced Lindy Hop Jack & Jill

  1. Anthony Chen & Nicole Zuckerman
  2. Daryl Begin & Shauna Marble
  3. Dan Repsch & Heather Ballew

Solo CharlestonSolo Charleston

  1. Josh Mclean
  2. Rafal Pustelny
  3. Jenny Sowden


  1. Anthony Chen & Lunou Samson Poirot
  2. Dan Repsch & Jenny Sowden
  3. Kenny Nelson & Jesse Hanus

Strictly Lindy HopStrictly Lindy

  1. Javier Johnson & Heather Ballew
  2. Edgar Herwick & Micki Balder
  3. Rebekka & Emelie DecaVita

Spirit of Frankie AwardSpirit of Frankie Award

Samuel Coleman

Beantown Open Saturday Night Dance Party

Beantown CampIf you can’t attend Beantown Camp this year, you are welcome to join in for the Saturday Dance Party at Endicott College. This dance is open to the public and will be a night of joy and fun, without a doubt!

Beantown Saturday Dance Party, June 28, 2014

  • Door opens: 8:30pm
  • Strictly Lindy Competition: 9:00pm
  • Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five: 9:30pm
  • Jack & Jill Finals: 10:15pm
  • Photo Booth
  • Late Night Cake-Break in the Beantown Cafe: 12:30am
  • Swing & Blues Late Night Dance hosted by Dan Repsch & Jenny Sowden: 12:30am  
  • Location: Post Center at Endicott College, 376 Hale Street, Beverly, MA 01915 
  • Admission: $30 ($25 with student ID) 

Space will be limited! To ensure your spot, advanced purchase tickets are available.

Buy Tickets NowUptown Swing details on website.

Join the Facebook event.

Frankie Manning Foundation Ambassadors at Beantown Camp!

Beantown CampWe are excited to announce that five new ambassadors from the Frankie Manning Foundation scholarship program will be joining us at Beantown Camp this year! Kristan from New York, Justin from Rhode Island, Markus and Trendylon from Maryland, and Ruchi from Mexico. In addition, four of our past ambassadors, Josh, Rafal, Alexis and Cyle will all be back this summer.

We are thrilled to work with the Frankie Foundation for our 3rd year with this excellent program. Extra thanks for the contributions from Beantown campers and the Frankie Foundation to help our efforts to bring back the returning ambassadors.

Please be sure to join us in welcoming both our new and past ambassadors to Beantown this year!


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