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Skye & Naomi Registration News

Skye and NaomiClass details and registration are up for the Skye Humphries & Naomi Uyama weekend scheduled for November 29-December 1. This will be year number 6 for what has become the annual Skye-Naomi-Gordon weekend. A not-to-be-missed event!

There are two new registration options you can take advantage of now!

  • Special Full Package Discount Payment by September 25! For only $100 you can get 9 workshops with Skye & Naomi plus Uptown Swing with Gordon Webster on Saturday night. That is an excellent price to experience the full weekend with this incredible lineup of talent.
  • Register by September 28 to take advantage of the 3 month online installment plan. Combine this with the Special Full Package Discount for monthly payments of only about $33 to get the entire weekend! Also available for all other registration options. Now that’s easy!

Skye and Naomi workshop information.

New HTTB Classes Start this Sunday/Monday

Hop to the Beat Class

The new season of dancing is upon us! Plus September marks the 18th anniversary of Hop to the Beat. Wow! We never could have imagined back in those early days, just hoping to get some people interested in dancing Lindy Hop, that this is where we would be today!

A new 6 week class session starts Sunday nights on September 8 in Newton Lower Falls and Monday nights on September 9 at Ruggles Church (near Fenway Park). There are classes for all levels, no partners required.

  • Beginner Swing/Intro to Lindy Hop Level 1
    Newton & Boston
  • Lindy Hop Level 2
    Newton & Boston
  • Wraps, Reversals & Rhythms

Students are going back to class and you should too! If you have been wanting to learn how to dance, now is an excellent time to start.

If you are planning to attend any of these classes and have not already done so, it is very helpful if you would submit an on-line registration to speed up check-in. You can pay in advance through PayPal or at the first class by cash, check or credit card. Thanks!

Free parking available in both locations as well as near public transportation.

Class details and registration.

Uptown Swing Dance Fall Schedule

Uptown Swing DanceUptown Swing dances continue this fall at KI in Brookline. This wonderful space has a very large wood floor, AC and is conveniently located just a few blocks from Coolidge Corner on Harvard St. On street parking is available as well as several town lots nearby. Public transportation is very accessible with 2 nearby T stations and a bus that stops out front.

KI has been an awesome venue for Uptown Swing, although it comes with scheduling challenges as requested dates are not always available. Please note that the September dance will be held at Extreme Dancesport in Cambridge. Another wonderful venue!

Uptown Swing is friendly and fun with a live band each month. A lesson is included which starts at 8:15pm and the dance at 9:00pm. All levels are welcome and no partners are needed.

  • September 21: Racky Thomas Band (special location)
  • October 19: Toni Lynn Washington Band
  • November 30: Gordon Webster Band featuring Naomi Uyama
  • December 14: Holiday Party with The Love Dogs

Uptown Swing Dance information and directions.

More Boston Fall Events

The Boston area is jam-packed with things to do this fall and here are some highlights of what’s coming up.

Dirty Water Lindy & Blues Exchange

Boston Swing CentralBoston Swing Central is hosting an exchange for the weekend of September 26-29. An exchange is an event focused on social dancing where visiting dancers get to experience the local community and a taste of the area. Bands featured are Jan Marie & the Mean Reds, Mona’s Hot Four+3, Gordon Webster Band and Tin Pan Band.

Check out the full schedule of dances and events and register today.


TinkerBalBoston Balboa is hosting a special weekend of small group Balboa workshops on October 4-6. Classes are with some of the world’s best Balboa instructors including Bobby White, Kate Hedin, Nelle Cherry and Adam Speen. For Balboa enthusiasts, this will be the place to be!

Check the TinkerBal details and registration information.

Solo Charleston Workshops with Jon Tigert

Beantown Camp 2013: Beantown Bounce - What's Wrong With The Bus Driver Providence Swings is hosting a day of Solo Charleston workshops with the fabulous and multi-talented Jon Tigert on Saturday, November 2. Solo Charleston classes are fun and also an excellent way to work on your dance skills. There will be classes for all levels. Workshops will be followed by The Lindy Hop Stomp Dance.

Providence Swings workshop information.

BSDN Final Dance

BSDNThe Boston Swing Dance Network has been bringing live music to the Boston Swing dance community for over 26 years! This dance was created when a Swing community was just getting started in Boston and Roger Weiss deserves high praise for keeping it going all these years. Lindy Hop might not be around today if it wasn’t for individuals such as Roger who kept Swing alive. BSDN’s last dances are on Saturday, September 14 and Saturday, November 9 in Watertown. Everyone should come out to celebrate this incredibly long run and to thank Roger for his many years of service.

Full information on BSDN.

Skye Humphries & Naomi Uyama Workshop Weekend

Skye and Naomi

Information is now up and registration is open for the Skye & Naomi weekend coming up November 29 to December 1. This is the 6th time with this dynamic duo along with the always amazing Gordon Webster featured at Saturday’s Uptown Swing Dance. Every time this weekend somehow just gets better and better and is surely one of the best highlights of the year!

There is a full schedule of Lindy Hop workshops with classes for all levels. All classes will be held at the Newton Lower Falls location.

Check out the special FULL PACKAGE early bird discount available through September 25! If you register soon, you can even take advantage of a 3 part installment plan to make your payments online.

Check the website for all details and registration.


ILHC 2013: Juniors - Cyle Dixon & Alexis DavilaWe had a great time at ILHC last weekend. It was incredibly busy as always, but as competition coordinators, we enjoyed interacting with all of the competitors and being a part of this wonderful event. There are a ton of videos up on YouTube if you want to check out all the amazing competitions.

A special moment that stood out this year was Cyle & Alexis’ performance in the Junior division. We first met Cyle & Alexis a couple of years ago when, under the guidance of Valerie Salstrom in Cleveland, they first competed at ILHC. This past summer we had the pleasure of hosting them at Beantown Camp, which they attended as Frankie Foundation Ambassadors. It has been wonderful watching their progress, topped off by their 2nd place win! It was truly awesome seeing how natural, relaxed and confident they looked during their routine. Frankie would be very proud!

One funny note, Cyle told me he wished he had started dancing when he was younger, at 10 instead of the ripe old age of 12:-)

Full information on ILHC.

Class Session Starts September

Swing Dance Class September marks a new season of dancing and a great time to get back into class after the summer break. It is also an excellent time for those just getting started. Classes are a great first step to bringing new people into the dance community. Most of our new students come from recommendations and we really appreciate your help to keep our community growing and thriving!

Our new class session starts Sunday nights on September 8 in Newton Lower Falls and Monday nights on September 9 at Ruggles Church  in Boston (near Fenway Park). There are classes for all levels, no partners required.

Here’s what’s up for the next 6 week session:

  • Beginner Swing/Intro to Lindy Hop Level 1: For those who are brand new to Swing dancing, this is the place for you! Also ideal if you have some experience and would like to brush up on skills and build a repertoire of fun moves. Six count basics will be covered along with a different selection of steps each session providing a foundation of the basic elements of Lindy Hop including rhythm, style and partner connection. There are 7 different sessions at this level building a good base for social dancing. Level 1 classes may be taken in any order. It is recommended to stay at this level long enough to feel very comfortable before moving to Level 2. Discount after 2 sessions! No experience or partner required. This class meets in both Newton and Boston.
  • Lindy Hop Level 2: Level 2 focuses on the core fundamentals of Lindy Hop, including a mix of 8 and 6 count basics. Emphasis is on technique, partner connection, musicality and building skills. No previous Lindy Hop experience required, although must competently social dance any style of triple-step Swing. There are 8 different sessions at this level which continually change over time and can be taken in any order. Each session includes a range of classic Charleston to newer variations, all with a touch of flash! Discount after 2 sessions. No partner required. This class meets in both Newton and Boston.
  • Wraps, Reversals & Rhythms: Play with partnering, stretch and rhythm changes to find new ways to add variety to your Lindy Hop. Some themes explored will be using wraps, changes of direction and unexpected twists and turns. If you are an experienced Lindy Hop dancer with solid basics and would like to find some new ideas and inspirations, this is a class for you! No partner required. This class meets on Sundays in Newton.

Class information and registration.

Uptown Swing News

Uptown Swing DanceThe next Uptown Swing Dance is on Saturday, September 21. For this month, Uptown Swing will be held at Extreme Dancesport in Cambridge as KI will not be available.

September features the always fun and energetic Racky Thomas Band! It was so much fun doing the Swing Stroll at the last dance that we may just bring that out again:-)

Uptown Swing Dance information.


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