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Join Second Week of New Session Lindy Hop/Swing Classes

Swing Dance ClassGreat to be back in class and get this new year rolling! It is still possible to join our new session of Lindy Hop classes which just started last Sunday and Monday.

Classes for this session include Beginner Swing/Intro to Lindy Hop Level 1 and Lindy Hop Level 2. These classes are offered both on Sunday evenings at the Newton Lower Falls Community Center and on Monday evenings at Ruggles Baptist Church in Boston.

Great to see both new faces and returning students in the Level 1 classes. We do have extra followers in both locations, especially the Monday Boston class! The Level 2 classes are close to even and there is room to join.

Also on Sunday in Newton, we have a new class for intermediate to advanced Lindy Hoppers called From the Vault. This class will be excellent for anyone wanting to learn some classic flashy Lindy Hop gems. It was a very fun class last Sunday! This class also seems to be nicely balanced.

Free parking available in both locations as well as near public transportation.

Full class details and registration.

Uptown Swing Dance next Saturday

Sax GordonWe’re really looking forward to our first Uptown Swing dance of 2013, which will be next Saturday, January 19 in Brookline at KI, our new very fabulous venue! This month features the always entertaining and energetic Sax Gordon Band. It has been too long since we have had Gordon at our dance and we’re excited for a very fun night. Let’s make this dance a wonderful welcome to all the new beginners who are starting the new year with dancing!

Uptown Swing Dance information.

Kind of a Big Deal Weekend

Gordon WebsterBSC’s Kind of a Big Deal weekend will be here before you know it! The Andy & Nina workshops are sold out, however, if you are not registered, you may want to get on the wait list just in case something opens up.

What’s better than 1 night of dancing to Gordon Webster? Well 2 of course! Gordon and his band will be recording a new CD so you know we will be guaranteed their very best!

Something that is always fun about special weekend events are all the out-of-town visitors. Should be a fantastic weekend of classes and dances!

Kind of a Big Deal weekend information.

New Classes Start This Week!

Swing Dance ClassOur new 6 week session starts this Sunday, January 6 at the Newton Lower Falls Community Center in Newton and this Monday, January 7 at Ruggles Baptist Church in Boston near Fenway Park. Here is what’s coming up:

  • Beginner Swing/Intro to Lindy Hop - This class is for both brand new dancers and those with some experience who would like to build a stronger foundation and gain more confidence on the dance floor. Six count basics are covered along with a different selection of fun steps each session. There are 7 different sessions at this level, which can be taken in any order, providing the opportunity to develop a good base for social dancing while continuing to learn new steps. If you have any friends who have been wanting to get started, please send them along! This class meets in both Newton and Boston.
  • Lindy Hop Level 2 - This class is aimed at intermediate level Swing dancers who can already comfortably social dance any style of triple-step Swing. It is not necessary to already know 8 count Lindy Hop to join this class. We often focus on a particular theme for each session and for this one we’ll be including some aspects of musicality, one of the key ingredients of awesome dancing! Included will be how to blend 6 and 8 count into one smooth, fluid dance. The class focuses on core moves, emphasizing technique and lead-follow connection. There are 8 different sessions at this level which continually change over time and can be taken in any order. Each session includes a mix of classic Charleston moves and newer variations. This class meets in Newton and Boston.
  • From the Vault - This is a new class aimed at more experienced Lindy Hop dancers and meets in the Newton location only. We’ll be pulling out some of our favorite classic, flashy Lindy Hop moves. All will be appropriate for social dancing and will vary in degree of lead-ability. If you are interested in an energetic, challenging and fun class, this will be a good one for you!

If you are planning to attend any of these classes and have not already done so, it is very helpful if you would submit an on-line registration to speed up check-in. You can pay in advance by credit card through PayPal or at the first class by cash, check or credit card. Thanks!

Free parking available in both locations as well as near public transportation.

Full class details and registration.

January's Uptown Swing Dance with the Sax Gordon Band

Sax GordonOur next dance at KI, our beautiful venue, will be on Saturday, January 19 with the Sax Gordon Band! Gordon brings an excellent positive energy and really knows how to engage his audience. He plays a nice eclectic mix of tunes to keep everyone happy on the dance floor. We are looking forward to another fun night at Uptown Swing to kick off 2013!

Uptown Swing Dance information.

Hop to the Beat Year End Message

  Uptown Swing Dance Beantown Camp
Beantown Camp Beantown Camp
Beantown Camp Skye & Naomi Workshops 2012
Beantown Camp Uptown Swing Dance
Beantown Camp Uptown Swing Dance
Beantown Camp Skye & Naomi Workshops 2012

Hard to believe another year is drawing to a close. Time really does fly. We did have some really outstanding moments this year and also some really rough ones.

Losing my Mom this August was especially difficult coming only 15 months after my Dad, although it was a blessing as she had Alzheimer’s. Losing parents is truly life changing. Dealing with so much over the last couple of years has brought me and all my brothers and sisters closer together, something that is wonderful. I am sure my parents would be proud of us. I am also very grateful to everyone who reached out to me during this difficult time. It touched me deeply and helped me to deal with my sadness.

These days we still have the families of Newtown, CT very much on our minds. My brother and his family live in that town. Thankfully his 3 young children go to a school on the opposite end from Sandy Hook, although their school did go into lockdown that awful day. We visited Newtown on the way to my sister’s house on Christmas and the whole town is currently one big memorial to the victims. There is an unbelievable amount of stuffed animals, ornaments, flowers, banners, messages and other objects from all over the country. It is all so incredibly sad. Christmas was noticeably subdued this year and my brother told us about what it has been like and what’s been going on in Newtown. My brother-in-law told us about his friends who were among the first responders. We’ve been thinking about the numerous families directly effected by this tragedy and can’t imagine how they’ve been managing through the holidays.

Year-end is a time of reflection as we are reminded of the ups and downs of the past year. It is also a time of renewal and we look to 2013 with great optimism and thanks for the many wonderful positives. Dance is something that has brought so much to our lives (including each other), and one of our greatest hopes is that we can pass it forward. It moves our bodies, frees our minds and brings joy to our souls.

We want to send out a big thank you to all of the students who joined us in class this year from those who came to their very first classes to those who have been with us for a very long time. Classes are still the heart and soul of what we do. We love teaching and if we can be a little part of someone’s journey, it means the world to us.

Uptown Swing moved to a new venue this year. We enjoyed our time at Brookline Tai Chi and weren’t looking to move, but sometimes these situations we are thrown into turn out for the best. We are loving our new beautiful venue at KI. We’re still getting used to how large it is and hope to meet the challenge of filling it each month! So far it has been awesome and we’re looking forward to some wonderful nights in the new year.

People often ask why we do Beantown Camp each year as it can be quite an endeavor! We do have our moments of questioning our sanity, although it is our week actually at camp that renews our energy and our spirit. This year’s camp was just incredible from start to finish. It was a week full of smiles, passion, friendship, and pure joy! As we are currently in the midst of lots of planning, we’re already excited for what’s coming together for 2013!

As we close out 2012, we want to thank all of the wonderful people we have met and the friends we have made from near and far who have enriched our lives. We wish you all a very happy new year!

Happy dancing,
Aurelie & Tony

Upcoming in January for Hop to the Beat

  • Sax Gordon6 week session on Sundays in Newton starts on January 6. Classes include Beginner Swing/Intro to Lindy Hop Level 1, Lindy Hop Level 2, plus From the Vault for more experienced Lindy Hoppers.
  • Registration is open.
  • New 6 week session on Mondays in Boston starts on January 7. Classes include Beginner Swing/Intro to Lindy Hop Level 1, Lindy Hop Level 2, plus after-class practice time.
  • Registration is open. 
  • Next Uptown Swing Dance on Saturday, January 19 with the very fabulous Sax Gordon Band.

Skye & Naomi Weekend Thanks

Skye and Naomi Workshop Photo AlbumLast weekend was as predicted - fun, challenging, inspirational and full of awesomeness! How could it not be with all the right ingredients?

Huge thanks to Skye & Naomi for the excellent classes, performing for us at the dance and for being just so incredibly wonderful all weekend.

Uptown Swing on Saturday night was just pure joy from start to finish. Gordon Webster & Band and Naomi on vocals were on fire! It is truly amazing how Gordon just reaches new heights each time. KI, our new venue, was the perfect setting for the packed house and brought many positive comments. Uptown Swing surely did go out on a high note for 2012!

That wouldn’t have quite been enough without all the wonderful dancers from both near and far. Thank you to everyone who participated. Thanks also to everyone who helped with hosting, transporting, running the door and spreading the word, especially Betty, Margaret and Meredith.

Very special thanks to everyone who pitched in at the workshops and the dance, and those who stuck around until after the music finally ended on Saturday to help us pack and clean up. Every little bit is what added up to such an exceptional weekend.

The vibe all weekend was so positive and full of joy! Looks like we will have to do it again next year.Smile

If you would like to see photos from the workshops and dance, check out the albums on Facebook:

January Lindy Hop/Swing Classes

Swing Dance ClassOur first 6 week session of 2013 starts on Sunday, January 6 in Newton Lower Falls and on Monday, January 7 in Boston. Both locations include classes in Beginner Swing/Intro to Lindy Hop Level 1 and Lindy Hop Level 2.

Also coming up, we have a new class for intermediate to advanced Lindy Hoppers: From the Vault. We will be focusing on the flashy side of Lindy Hop as we pull some gems out of the vault. It will be challenging, energetic and of course a ton of fun! It meets on Sundays in Newton.

If you have any friends interested in getting into dancing, lessons are a great way to get started. Please pass on the info!

Registration is open - Complete class information and registration.


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