Winter/Spring Schedule for Uptown Swing

Uptown Swing DanceUptown Swing is ready to take on a new year! We have an exciting line up of bands confirmed with something special each month.

  • January 16, Swing & Soul Dance, Racky Thomas Band
    Lesson with Javier Johnson, Soul Competition
  • February 20, Beantown Swing Orchestra
  • March 19, Uptown Swing Moves to the Boston Tea Party, Boilermaker Jazz Band
  • April 2, Solomon Douglas Heptet
    2nd Second Rate Lindy Exchange
  • May 21, Shawn Hershey, Josh Fialkoff & The Fried Bananas
    Frankie Manning Celebration

Full Uptown Swing details,

2015 Year End Message

2015 is just about over and what a year it was! Some of our most wonderful highlights contrasted with some of our biggest challenges.

Of course there was the snow! For the first time ever we had to cancel a class session. Four cancelled Mondays in a row beat our previous record of one. We decided at that point to give up and try again with the new session. It was a longer wait than usual and very welcome when spring finally arrived.

Snow in BostonSnow in Boston

May brought us one of our worst experiences when we almost lost Beantown about a month prior to opening day. The main issues had to do with some new insurance requirements that we were having an impossible time fulfilling. Thankfully we managed to squeak by under the deadline as we couldn’t imagine the alternative. It was a horrible experience which completely took us by surprise.

Despite any issues, Beantown managed to be the most wonderful ever. It was the best attended, however, it was the amazing week that reminded us why we do it every year. So much joy, so much love! We couldn’t be more grateful to every single person who attended and contributed to a most spectacular camp.

After a stressful summer wondering if we’d be back at Endicott, we were incredibly relieved in the fall to get a positive outcome. There are some new parameters to follow, but any cons are far outweighed by the positives. We are grateful to have such a beautiful venue which has contributed much to what Beantown has become.

September marked the 20th anniversary of Hop to the Beat, which was highlighted by an excellent Uptown Swing celebration. We enjoyed the most awesome jam ever and were particularly excited to reunite the Hop to the Beat Dancers. Mostly we were reminded of how grateful we are to have made so many friends and met so many fantastic people, all coming together through this fabulous dance that we love so much.

Uptown Swing Dance November 2015 photo albumUptown Swing Dance November 2015 photo album
Also available on Facebook

The year once again closed out with another awesome Skye-Naomi-Gordon weekend. We couldn’t have ended our dance year on a higher note, full of friends, fun, inspiration, spirit and sheer bliss!

Skye Humphries & Naomi Uyama Workshops 2015 photo albumSkye Humphries & Naomi Uyama Workshops 2015 photo album
Also available on Facebook

Now it’s time to look forward to the new year!

Wishing you much joy and happiness in the new year.

Happy dancing,
Aurelie & Tony

Skye & Naomi Lindy Hop Weekend: Last Week for Discount Prices!

Skye & Naomi
Skye Humphries & Naomi Uyama performing at Uptown Swing Dance at Boston Tai Chi with the Gordon Webster Band (12/13/2011)

The Skye Humphries & Naomi Uyama workshops are coming soon on November 27-29! This is the last week to register at discount prices, expiring Wednesday, November 18!

It will be possible to register after November 18 and at the door at full prices, space permitting.

Workshops will be held at Lower Falls Community Center in Newton. The most beginner classes are scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Prior Lindy Hop experience is needed for the Friday evening and Sunday afternoon classes (except for the Solo Jazz which is open to all levels). There will be something for everyone and a variety of topics covered including fundamentals, variations, rhythm, footwork, solo Jazz and Charleston.

Balances are currently fairly good for all classes.

For those really looking for a challenge, you will enjoy the partner routine class to end the afternoon on Sunday. If you don’t have a partner, you may be able to find one at the workshops.

Skye and Naomi are two of the must popular instructors on the scene today and they are looking forward to being back in Boston!

Register Now

Check the website for details.

Join the Facebook event.

Uptown Swing November 28 with the Gordon Webster Band!

Gordon Webster BandThe Skye & Naomi weekend also brings us another fantastic Uptown Swing Dance with the always amazing Gordon Webster Band. In addition, Skye & Naomi will be treating us to a performance. Be prepared to have an awesome night!

The atmosphere is fun and friendly and beginners are very welcome! KI is a beautiful large space with a smooth wood floor and a convenient location on Harvard Street in Brookline near Coolidge Corner.

Bring your friends and introduce them to the joy of dancing!

Buy Tickets NowIf you are planning to attend, please respond on the Uptown Swing Facebook Event page. Thanks!

Uptown Swing Dance information and directions.


New HTTB Classes on Sundays and Mondays

Hop to the Beat ClassThe fall lineup for new classes is set! Classes will be starting on Monday, September 14 at Ruggles Baptist Church in Boston on Beacon Street, not far from Kenmore Square. Due to some scheduling conflicts, Sunday classes will be starting on October 4 at the Lower Falls Community Center in Newton.

There are classes for all levels, no partner required as classes will rotate. The Level 1 and Level 2 classes each have 7-8 different sessions and are designed to be taken multiple times covering new topics with each one. It is okay to start with any session.

Monday Fall Session One (6 weeks)

  • Beginner Swing/Intro to Lindy Hop Level 1
  • Lindy Hop Level 2

Monday Fall Session Two (6 weeks)

  • Beginner Swing/Intro to Lindy Hop Level 1
  • Shagamania
    Collegiate Shag and St. Louis Shag

Sunday Fall Session (6 weeks)

  • Beginner Swing/Intro to Lindy Hop Level 1
  • Lindy Hop Level 2
  • Exploring the Possibilities

The first Monday fall session and Sunday session are now up and open for registration.

Free parking available as well as near public transportation. Singles and couples welcome.

Register NowFull class details.

HTTB 20th Anniversary Celebration at Uptown Swing

Gordon Au and The Grand St. StompersThis September marks the 20th anniversary of Hop to the Beat and we’ll be celebrating at the next Uptown Swing dance on Saturday, September 19. We are exciting to have Gordon Au and The Grand St. Stompers from NYC joining us for their first appearance at Uptown Swing! We’ve wanted to have them at our dance for ages and finally have just the occasion to make it happen.

Plus we’re reuniting the Hop to the Beat Dancers. We did all kinds of performances and gigs together which provided some really fun as well as “interesting” experiences:-) Our HTTB performance will be an updated version of our latest class routine from the spring combining us all into one big happy group.

HTTB was started for one reason, which was to spread our love of Lindy Hop. It is still why it exists today. We hope you will join us as we celebrate 20 years of joy, passion and Lindy Love!

Buy Tickets NowFull Uptown Swing details.

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Skye & Naomi Weekend

Skye & Naomi
Syke Humphries & Naomi Uyama performing at Uptown Swing Dance with Gordon Webster (11/29/2014)

Information is now up and registration is open for the Skye & Naomi weekend, November 27-29. This is the 8th time with this dynamic duo along with the always amazing Gordon Webster featured at Saturday’s Uptown Swing Dance. Every time this weekend somehow just gets better and better and is surely one of the best highlights of the year!

There is a full schedule of Lindy Hop workshops with classes for all levels. All classes will be held at the Newton Lower Falls location.

Register Now

Check out the special FULL PACKAGE early bird discount available through September 23! If you register by August 26 (for all registration options), you can take advantage of a 4 part installment plan to make your payments online.

Check the website for details.

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Beantown Camp Registration & Housing Update

Beantown CampBeantown Camp is only days away! Get ready for an awesome adventure!

Registrations are still being accepted, although time is growing short! If you are planning to attend and have not yet completed a registration, please do it ASAP!

If you are interested in housing on campus, there are still singles and doubles available in Marblehead. All other housing options are sold out!

Register Now

Join the Beantown Camp 2015 Facebook event.

Special Classes & Presentations

Beantown CampHave you checked out the amazing extras we have at Beantown this year?

  • Open Practices hosted by Tara Weinstein
  • Aternoon Stretch with Lori Torkkola
  • Afternoon Chi with Richard Badu
  • Lunch Time Community Discussion hosted by Peter, Nicole and Sylvia
  • Shoe Chroming with Ed Wilson
  • Improv for Dancers with Josh Mclean
  • Solo Hip Hop Footwork for Lindy Hoppers with Anthony Chen
  • You’ve Just Been Framed! with Richard Badu
  • DJ Summit hosted by Andrew Selzer
  • Queen of Swing documentary with Norma Miller, hosted by Bobby White
  • Solo Dance Practice hosted by Gaby Cook
  • Board Games in the Pub hosted by Rob Keder
  • Swing Anecdotes Pub Talk with Bobby White
  • Movie Clips Presentation with Peter Strom

View the website for more information!


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